THERE are no two ways about it, over the last decade that TTV has been part of the music scene – we HAVE seen immense change. But with that weighted statement, there is also still a LONG way to go.

The path is long and the fight isn’t over. It’s a fight that the women leading the charge in our music industry won’t stop; to create a level playing field for all musicians, encouraging those in power to see past gender and bias will always be our mission.

This time last year, the stage lights were off. We’ve seen immense destruction to our industry over the last two years and in many ways music has been on pause. But what has come out of these last two years, are some unique and incredible young female musicians who are joining a foray of talent in Scotland.

In the last year alone, we’ve seen incredible new artists breakthrough from bedrooms and rehearsal rooms. You don’t need to look much further than the likes of Brooke Combe, Uninvited, Pretty Preachers Club, Goodnight Louisa, Linzi Clark, Medicine Cabinet, Dead Pony, Spyres, Alex of Vlure, Nova, Alex Amore, Marie Collins of The Vegan Leather and Rianne Downey to see the level of female talent we have in Scotland. It’s insane.

They join veteran acts who are making serious waves further afield. Have you seen the star that is Lucia from Lucia & The Best Boys open up for Wolf Alice? Iconic.

Thanks to you, TTV will always exist to champion greatness in our industry and lead the charge on inspiring the new generation. Get mad, shout loud, support, collaborate, inspire, don’t stand for it, stand for something. Happy International Women’s Day.