Rory James real time

RORY James released his debut E.P ‘Real Time’ this week and is set to play his debut show in support of the E.P in Edinburgh on 31st May. Not only that, the artist is set to share the stage with boygenuis and Loyle Carner at Connect Festival this summer and as Rory states, he’s just getting started.

“I’m really excited to play live again. I’ve spent the last couple weeks figuring out my live set and trying to make it as exciting to watch as possible. In the past I’ve tried to make the live show as close to the record as possible but seeing as this one is a headline I’ve taken a bit of artistic license and changed things up a bit. Hope it pays off!”

After writing the songs at home in his bedroom and taking inspiration from trips to LA, Rory says it felt amazing to finally have all those songs out. “I’ve been tinkering with ‘Only You’ for so long. You always feel a bit vulnerable when you’re releasing something and I tend to start convincing myself that no one is going to like it, so seeing the response online was so good. Big sigh of relief more than anything. New Music Friday was a very nice surprise too.”

Looking at the year ahead, there’s a lot to be excited about, Rory said: “Over the next year I hope to get a couple more EP’s out, play some festivals and be touring. It would be cool to be looking at releasing a full album in a years time as well.”

Sharing the bill with amazing acts at this year’s Connect Festival, Rory said: “Franz Ferdinand were actually the first band I ever saw live so that will be cool to see them again. Young Fathers will be class, Kelly Lee Owens and Daniel Avery as well I love. I saw Fred again… a couple times last year and both shows were phenomenal. Basically the whole line up is amazing!”

And his thoughts on THAT Coachella set? “It looked UNREAL, wish I was there!! The three of them just look like they are having the time of their lives up there. I’m severely jealous of everyone who was at that festival.”

So what’s next for Rory? “I’m actually mixing my next EP already. I don’t think I can share any dates yet but we’ve decided on the songs, very exciting!”

Check out Rory James live at Sneaky Pete’s on 31st May 2023 + stream the new EP below: