DESIGNED to negate the impact which modern changes in the industry have had upon aspiring artists, the revolutionary platform offered by Salute Music Makers is looking to help musicians of all genres to kickstart their careers.

Given the fact that more music is making its way into the public sphere than ever before, the organisers behind the upcoming competition which seeks to provide finalists with £100,000 worth of prize money (with £50,000 allotted just for its eventual winner) intend to deliver an unforeseen platform for innovative voices to be heard.

Endorsed by none other than the punk rock pioneer that is The Undertones’ Feargal Sharkey, he has wholeheartedly given his time and support to this new project and believes it to be integral to the continued prosperity of Britain’s homegrown talent:

“As we speak, there is 300 hours’ worth of video being uploaded onto YouTube every single minute. Now let’s just suppose that it all by artists making a three-minute clip of their song. That means when you are doing that, there are 6,000 other artists doing exactly the same thing. Every minute of every day, week, month and year. So how in God’s name can you spot the original talent and give it the help it deserves? That brings us to Salute Music Makers. A competition that is simple: It is there to help, support, nurture, create, develop, applaud and give control to the art.”

Open to all UK residents over the age of 16, the new initiative is a welcome alternative to shows such as The X Factor and will encompass all genres in the nation’s ever-diversifying musical spectrum.

The entry process is simple, with participants able to submit up to four tracks via an app before it is then given to the Salute team and a panel of curators to whittle entries down to a top 100.

It costs only £20 per track to submit to Salute and this provides you with a litany of benefits including a share in the revnue whenever your track is played, the opportunity to have your music heard by the team of over 30 industry figures that are heading up the judging process and the chance to have your music promoted with the power of an marketing budget of £500,000 that has been allotted to shine a spotlight on not only the winner but every contestant that submits to the competition.

This means that aspiring bands and artists will be in with a chance of capturing the world’s largest independent music prize of £50,000 whilst their music will also make money purely by being on the service via their fully licensed deal with PRS without having to give up the rights to your material.

Once the entrants have been narrowed down, the top 100 will be put to a public vote before a top six emerges. Each of those that are selected will receive £10,000 and will then be through to the Salutes Finals TV show. At this juncture, contestants will be given a different theme each week and tasked with creating original material to be performed live alongside a team of renowned industry professionals. At the end of this process, a winner will be awarded the Salute Music Makers title and provided with a further £40,000.

The competition is open now and can be applied for via Salute’s official site and the listening phase of the process will begin on the 19th June.

Find out more about their goals via the video below: