LibertinesWITH their set at Playground 2021 just a day away, TTV grabbed a chat with The Libertines’ Gary Powell to chat about the festival, playing live and what it means to be a Libertine.

“For me a libertine means having an independent and free thinking spirit that is not necessarily governed by what other people want you to do. It is spirit of tolerance and active acceptance towards everyone.”

As lockdown restrictions are lifted across the UK, Gary explains how he spent the turbulent time.

“I taught my boy Viktor guitar. We had so much time together that we could play for at least an hour every day. I taught him all my tricks and party pieces!
I learnt that I need human interaction and contact otherwise it’s unhealthy. It’s going to take some time to really heal after all this.”

Known for powerful and raw live shows, we were given an insight into how the Libertines’ live sets have changed throughout their career.

“We were really tight on our first shows. We used to rehearse a lot around the first album. Then we had many years of maybe not being quite so tight! Now we’re coming full circle again and we are really in rhythm with each other.”

Playground 2021 is part of a series of events that marks the return of festivals across the UK, following the lifting of lockdown restrictions. Powell told us of this feeling of release, and what he is looking forward to when the Libertines make the journey to Rouken Glen Park.

“It’s wonderful. I guess it’s in the blood of a musician that they need to perform in front of people. It’s something that’s been sorely lacking for me these past years.

Expect a right old knees up! Boy George will be amazing I’m sure, also I want to catch my old mate Jonnie from Razorlight.”
Tickets to Playground 2021 are still available HERE