IT has come to that time of year when thousands of music fans, artists and professionals prepare to descend on the seaside town of Brighton for the world-renowned Great Escape Festival.

The annual celebration of new music has become widely recognised as a rite of passage for all those burgeoning musicians hoping to take the next steps in their career; a huge platform for exciting new acts from all over the UK and further afield who arrive in the city hoping to catch the eye of an influential figure or win over a throng of new fans.

Boasting another extensive and varied bill of artists, this year’s line-up provides a perfect snapshot of the modern music industry by representing an eclectic array of genres and styles including indie, punk, pop, electronic, hip-hop and grime. Having already taken a glance at the exciting crop of musicians from Scotland who will be hoping to make their mark at this year’s festival, TTV has compiled a list of some of the other artists also worth checking out.


Following a memorable showing at TGE 2016, The Big Moon are back and they have a lot to celebrate. Since last year’s festival, the four-piece have enjoyed a hugely triumphant 12 months that has seen them tour all over the UK and release their highly acclaimed debut album Love In The 4th Dimension. Brimming with hook-laden choruses, snarling guitar parts and wonderful harmonies, the four-piece possess an electric onstage energy that is second to none. Picking up new fans wherever they go, they are sure to attract big crowds at this year’s festival.

Where: Saturday 20th May – 11pm, Horatio’s


Defiant, gritty, intelligent and politically astute; Hull four-piece LIFE are a band with something to say and it’s about time that the rest of the world tuned in. Armed with a completely infectious and inflammatory brand of punk rock, the band are ready to elicit utter chaos at this year’s Great Escape with their thunderous tunes and raucous live show.

When: Thursday 18th May – 8pm, Horatio’s


From the very moment they thrust themselves onto our radar with the deeply menacing and hypnotising ‘Country Sleaze’, it was clear to us that Goat Girl were a force to be reckoned with. Emerging out of South London’s burgeoning punk rock scene, the four-piece elicit a raw and powerful energy that demands attention.

When: Thursday 18th May – 7.15pm, Paganini Ballroom


Formerly known as Mac DeMarco’s guitarist, Pete Sagar has recently become more recognised for his work under the name Homeshake. Ditching the jangly lo-fi fuzz of his previous material, Sagar now prefers to deal in chilled-out dreamy bedroom R&B; all while taking influence from a number of genres and artists such as Sade, Prince and The Band. The result is a dreamily stoned-out and refreshing sound that now encompasses three full-length albums.

When: Thursday 18th May – 8.45pm, Bleach


Returning to the very town that brought them together, Dream Wife have enjoyed the kind of 12 months that would make any band envious. With one impressive release after another, the three-piece have steadily built up a strong following around the UK thanks to their thrilling combination of cutting riffs, catchy pop hooks and empowering lyrics. Edgy, powerful and every inch the real deal; Dream Wife come armed with an exhilarating live show that should not be missed.

When: Friday 19th May – 11pm, Wagner Hall and Saturday 20th May – 9.30pm, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar


Since first bursting onto the scene at the start of 2016, Eat Fast have caught the eyes and ears of BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music aswell as a variety of tastemakers around the blogosphere.  In their short time together, the band have crafted a distinctive sound that can be best described as fast and furious fuzz rock full of sugar-pop harmonies and swirling guitar lines.

When: Friday 19th May – 8.15pm, Horatio’s and Saturday 20th May – 7.15pm, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar


A thrilling product of the same burgeoning punk rock scene that has produced Shame, Goat Girl and HMLTD, Dead Pretties oscillate between classic punk and accessible indie-rock with a completely infectious and relentless onstage energy. With a growing word of mouth following that has stemmed from their volatile and often unpredictable live performances around London, TGE will be a brilliant opportunity to see them in all their raw and unfiltered glory.

When: Friday 19th May – 7.30pm, The Haunt


Ready to bring the TGE crowds into their strange and compelling world this weekend, HMLTD are sure to be one of the many talking points of this year’s festival.  With a reputation that precedes them, the band have become renowned for their often unpredictable and outlandish performances. Ranging from savage to hypnotic to subversive to utterly visceral, the outfit have a strong penchant for experimentation and are sure to make a lasting impression.

When: Friday 19th May – 8.30pm, The Haunt and Saturday 20th May – 11.30pm, Prince Albert


South London outfit Shame made their mark in Glasgow a few weeks ago with a show that was visceral, frenzied and irrepressible from start to finish. With a fast growing reputation as one of the most exciting and vital bands to emerge from South London in some time, it’s fair to say that the five-piece have declared themselves a force to be reckoned with in the current UK music scene. Sure to draw a huge crowd for their show at The Haunt, you’ll have to get down early to see these guys.

When: Thursday 18th May – 8.30pm, The Haunt


Capturing hearts with their nostalgic lo-fi sound, lilting harmonies and vintage pop sensibilities, Girl Ray offer a welcome change of pace when compared to the hordes of fast-paced guitar bands that surround them.  With a debut album slated for release later this year, the three-piece approach their craft with a familiar warmth and heartfelt sincerity that stands them apart as ones to watch.

When: Thursday 18th May – 8pm, Fender Paramount Stage and Friday 19th May – 11.30pm, The Haunt


Superfood confirmed their return earlier this year with an inspired curveball called ‘Double Dutch’. A far cry from the jangly alt-rock and Britpop-angled tunes that dominated their debut album, the track sees the band deal in rich samples, woozy synths and groove-laden beats. Indicating an intriguing change in direction from the duo, TGE may be the opportunity to catch some of this new material in action.

When: Thursday 18th May – 7.15pm, Horatio’s and Friday 19th May – 9.30pm, The East Wing


Berlin duo Gurr have attracted the attention of the international media with their sixties-inspired garage-pop tunes. Poppy vocals, fizzing guitars and youthful enthusiasm collide to create the fun and ramshackle punky pop tunes that dominated their 2016 debut album In My Head.

When: Thursday 18th May – 3.30pm, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar and 9.15pm, Green Door Store


London-based collective Drones Club are all about pushing boundaries sonically, aesthetically and creatively. While their electronic compositions shift from melodic and upbeat to acerbic, haunting and eerie to deeply transcendental, it is in onstage where they really shine. Leaving audiences utterly captivated with their sense-enhancing and bonkers live shows, they are an act not to be missed.

Where: Saturday 20th May – 11.15pm, Green Door Store


Madrid outfit The Parrots will bring their loose-hipped, primordial brand of garage rock to TGE with a couple of sets across the weekend. Since their appearance at TGE 2016, the Spanish rockers have released their debut album Los Ninos Sin Miedo on Heavenly Recordings and established themselves as a must-see live act thanks to a series of riotous shows across Europe. Boasting an array of infectious tunes and wonderfully ramshackle appeal, the band know exactly how to get the party started.

When: Thursday 18th May – 10.30pm, Bleach and Saturday 20th May – 4.30pm, Wagner Hall


Stephen Fitzpatrick from Barrow and Aadun Laading from Norway joined forces in Liverpool to create dream pop outfit Her’s. Crafting a hazy and off-kilter sound that will appeal to fans of Mac DeMarco, the duo combine their eighties new wave influences with some iridescent dream pop and indie jangle to great effect. Wistful, enchanting and curious in equal measure; the band have just released their debut album Songs of Her’s.

When: Thursday 18th May – 12.15pm, Patterns