EVERYTHING EVERYTHING are some-what of a mind-trick. Their complex musical ability puts them top of the class in the pop genre, and thanks to their eclectic dynamic style- Everything Everything offer substantial depth to their musical pieces of art. Their two albums, Man Alive (2010) and Arc (2013), have rocketed them into the alternative hall of fame with a Mercury Music nomination and top five album success.  Tenement TV caught up with them during Liverpool’s Sound City backstage at Liverpool Arts Academy.

“We are into festival season now, so we’re just getting right into the gigging. It’s great. We are most excited for our headline tour in October though, that’s going to be amazing. We can’t wait.”

The band played an eccentric set at T in the Park festival in 2011. Third on the bill at The King Tuts Wah Wah Tent, the band were impressed with the cavalier of the Kinross crowd: “T in the Park is crazy, we arrived at 11 am for our set the last time in The King Tuts tent. I saw one guy with two pints who walked from the back of the tent to the front, pushing his way past the crowd making sure he didn’t spill a drop. Then we started playing and he was at the front and tossed them in the air. That was funny.”

Despite its Mercury Music Prize nomination, the debut Man Alive didn’t inspire their second effort Arc- the latter a lot more mainstream and radio friendly: “The second album was better received by the public than the first. We wanted to appeal to more people, and for our own satisfaction we wanted people to be more emotional about our music.

“In a way it was for them to understand it more. We wanted to get to the root of what we, as a band, sound like. You know, we might have this record deal and all but that doesn’t mean we are going to keep to the same sound.”

As the band enjoy their more direct approach, they also look forward to making milestones as a band: “The Ritz is a venue we haven’t headlined before so we are game for that. We just played The Apollo with X-FM which was amazing we really enjoyed that one.

“We are looking forward to coming back to Scotland for T in the Park this summer. Expect something special.”

By Nadine Walker