SINGER-songwriter Jade Bird chatted to Tenement TV about her upcoming TRNSMT show and what it means to be a woman in the music industry in 2019.

“Personally, I seek a lot of advice from other women , be it in books or music. So I feel quite humbled to be that service to any young women who also want clarity in something. I think confidence, it’s the one thing my Mother and Grandma really handed down to me, even sometimes when you don’t feel it, you put this persona on that you can do it, and put in the hours, and it pays off. I’m torn between young girls feeling they can do anything they damn well want and also having a knowledge of how society stops us from doing so. I guess both is a healthy thing.”

TRNSMT Festival have revealed in a bid to address the ‘Gender Pay Gap’, they have added The Queen Tut’s Stage to the festival. The purpose of the Queen Tut’s Stage is to provide grassroots core-female talent with a platform at TRNSMT which didn’t previously exist. King Tut’s as a venue and brand has been supporting diverse talent across the board for almost 30 years and the Queen Tut’s initiative is simply an extension of that ongoing goal with a focus on core female grassroots talent. This is a pursuit in which Jade feels is incredibly important for festivals.

“I’ve never understood why more male acts get booked. It should be the norm to have a 50/50 and I think some ratio guidelines should be imposed to reflect this.”

Jade Bird has enjoyed a year she described as “a jump, a crash, a view”, with growth as a person and musician her daily inspiration.

“Sometimes a lot, sometimes not a lot haha! I can’t say I go into the day with vigour I’m not the nicest waker, I’m always inspired to progress as a person and as a musician.”

Jade has enjoyed the experience of one of Scotland’s best live venues, and some Scottish band have made their way into her heart.

“Glasgow, well the memory that sticks out the most for me is my show King Tuts, that was such a special night… Cocteau Twins!!!”

For those looking to check out some new music, Jade has some recommendations, aside from herself…

“Umm, there’s so much! Connon Mockasin , Elliot Smith, Adrianne Lenker, Tori Amos (first three records specifically).”

Tickets for TRNSMT 2019 are available now.