Miles Kane

FOLLOWING a monumental gig in his career at Benicàssim festival in Spain, Miles Kane turns up the heat once again during a candid chat with Tenement TV. Kane has one fiery live show perfected and he is taking it on the road for the rest of the year playing the iconic Barrowlands in the fall. During our chat, Kane talks about what makes him tick, the birds that come with being a newly-acclaimed rock ‘n’ roll star and turning soul music dirty.

“It’s gotta be filthy though. Some dirty beats, it can’t be clean.” And that’s just the music. It’s predictably toasty in Benicàssim, the festival on every musical-savy person’s to-do list this summer. With his pal Turner headlining alongside Beady Eye and with Johnny Marr and Kasier Chiefs all on the bill, the lads have taken over this year and the tone of the chat suggests nothing else.

“It’s great to be back at Benicàssim again, we played last year and I have a great slot this year.

“I would have liked to have seen Beady Eye last night to see what that’s like over here. I saw them at T in the Park and they were amazing.”

With Paul Weller and Alex Turner in his phonebook it’s no wonder Kane has an eclectic taste in music, afterall its his world: “My vibe just now is Charles Barkley. I can’t stop listening to him. It’s really inspired me and after we are done with this record, I want to head in that direction.”

Its some-what surprising to hear that soul is on the cards for Kane, especially with his back catalogue ranging from the indie-licks of his first band The Rascals, to the western pop of Last of the Shadow Puppets (remember them?). But soul, for Kane, seems like a natural progression: “I love playing the record live, you can just ‘ave it with those tunes.

“When the crowd really get into it then you can take it up another level. We will only go there if the crowd is going there.

“Playing Darkness in our Hearts and Better Than That live is boss. Those two tracks really took on a new lease of life live, you know what I mean? In your mind when you finish a record, you map out your singles. I would never have thought one of those two would suit being released as a single but my opinion on that has changed since playing them live.

“I think we might go for one of them as a single after Taking Over is released. The tunes are all so catchy on this record, I could have had seven singles from it really.”

Since releasing his album, Kane has been all over the world and festival circuit playing to his huge fan base who have reacted in a massive way to his music. Since supporting bands three times at Glasgow’s infamous Barrowlands venue, Kane was delighted to finally headline the venue last year: “It meant a lot to me since I had been there with other bands before supporting so many times.

“To do it on your own is amazing, I have always wanted that. We are back again in September in Glasgow which I am excited about.

“The ABC gig stands out for me as well in Glasgow,” Kane was originally meant to be playing the Garage in the city, but as it sold out it was moved to Glasgow’s ABC venue, which sold out also, “You have to under-play these things to keep it exciting. You want to sell the gigs out so people can’t get into them which makes it really exciting. No matter how big you want to get in the music industry, you want to build it and get there solidly.”

Kane’s slot at Benicàssim is no different to those mind-blowing performances back in Scotland. The band, the man himself and the crowd were all one million percent lost in the music. With the Spanish heat taking the crowd on an emotional summer trip throughout his aggressively-tactical and melodic performance: “I would like to think people would walk away from my set last night wanting to see it again.

“I wanna blow people’s minds. I always want to be 110% and give it everything. That’s what we are good at. Every night is different for us you know, we sit and have these little jams off stage.

“It just works.”

And as for the ladies, well lets just say that part of our chat stays between the boys.

Miles Kane will play Electric Picnic in Ireland over 30th August – 2nd September. To purchase tickets and for more information visit their website.