THERE’S something about an authentic and ambitious rock ‘n’ roll band beginning to hit its stride that sends shockwaves through you like nothing else. Sometimes it may happen after years of toil, for others it may be almost instantaneous but no matter the circumstances, it will always  bring the masses from out of the woodwork and down to gigs in order to bear witness to their rapid ascent firsthand.

Standing with pint in hand at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut on the 31st July, this is exactly the general consensus that the captivated audience were overcome with when watching Rascalton bring the venue’s Summer Nights festival to a close. Exuding an air of self-assured confidence that would be more commonly associated with a touring band that had explored every nook and cranny in the UK, the Glasgow-based punk outfit have risen to prominence ever since their appearance at Tenement Trail last year and we’re more than eager to see them once more.

In light of all that’s transpired in recent months, we caught up with the band about the incredible trajectory that they’ve been on and what it means to them as they continue to brazenly forge ahead.

This year has been the sight of a series of seismic changes for the band and you are now in the limelight like never before. Are you still in shock about all that has transpired?

Yeah to be honest we don’t know how it’s happened. We’ve just been having fun as pals as we always have – drinking and playing guitar and it’s somehow working out for us. There’s a real buzz about us all just now.

Your recent single ‘Lust’ has been met with a rapturous response and the newfound success that you’ve attained was personified at your recent show at King Tut’s Summer Nights. Tell us a bit about how the reaction has lifted spirits in the band and does that show rank among your favourites that you’ve played to date?

The turn out at Tut’s was a real surprise to us. Obviously we knew all of our mates would be there as usual but to sell out a venue like that was a huge thing for us. We’ve always said ‘imagine we sold out tuts’ so to see it actually happen was kind of a ‘job done’ feeling. Definitely up there with our favourite gigs we’ve played.

Your live performances incite a reaction from a crowd like few bands are capable of. Has this always been the case or something that’s developed over time as you continue to gain notoriety?

At our very first gigs they weren’t anything like they are these days. Now we put our all into getting the crowd going as much as possible. We see it as if we don’t look like we want to go mental then no one else in the room is going to.

You’re now on the cusp of releasing your first physical single on Public. How did this come about and was being able to create something as tangible as this always part of the goal when the band began?

Well we’d been talking to Johnny (Madden) and Conor from Public for a while about doing a release and we were really excited when they spoke about releasing it on vinyl. I’ve always collected vinyl and I know the boys are the same so we were buzzing. It’s good having songs online but it’s nothing on having the copy actually in your hands.

Last year saw you play the opening slot at this year’s Tenement Trail and now you’re going to be at the forefront of the bill. Do you feel that the gig was an important step forward for the band and are you excited to return to the festival?

Yeah definitely. We really didn’t expect to win the competition to open the festival and to now be a part of the headlining acts is huge for us. We’ve always followed tenement TV since it’s been around so to be involved is really cool and a huge boost for us.

What other bands are you looking forward to catching on the day?

Lucia, Catholic Action, Life, The Ninth Wave, The Dunts, Declan Welsh & Sway. Most of these we class as good friends but we’re not being biased!

What can those that have never caught you live before expect from the set?

Sheer carnage. But to be honest nothing I say here will do our crowd justice so have a swatch of our ‘Lust’ video or better yet come along and see for yourself

Rascalton will play the upcoming Electric Fields festival on the 1st-2nd September before heading out for a succession of support slots with Baby Strange at shows in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Check out the band’s full run of forthcoming shows here and watch the aforementioned video for ‘Lust’ below: