WITH two weeks to go until Resonate returns to BAaD, bringing together aspiring musicians, industry professionals and musical entrepreneurs to collaborate and learn, Tenement TV caught up with Susan Montgomery to find out more.

“Resonate was the idea of our 23rd Precinct Music captain Billy Kiltie. It was something he’d been thinking about for some time. Going back to when he had the record shop on Bath Street, people used to suggest thing like doing workshops and seminars. 23rd Precinct Music has been based in the Barra’s Art & Design space for a good few years and the chat had continued to our writers, artists and associated partners to have a music conference. The East End has felt a big lift over the past couple of years and lots of cool spaces opening and been developed so we had the location, and certainly the knowledge and contacts to make a conference happen.”

Aiming to the fulfil the needs of aspiring musicians and the next generation of festival organisers and label bosses, the team have developed an incredible list of goals they aim to achieve through resonate.

“For us, the big goals have always been to bring industry training, business development opportunities and promoting collaboration to Resonate. This year, we’ve worked hard to curate a programme which brings in leading creative professionals from Scotland, the rest of the UK and Europe. Our aims for the project are:

  • Providing delegates with the opportunity to gain insight into current music business affairs and issues.
  • Develop knowledge of business start ups and promote entrepreneurship
  • Encourage collaboration amongst creative projects
  • Showcase Scottish musical talent
  • Develop opportunities for employment in the Scottish music scene
  • Direct business contract for aspiring music entrepreneurs and creatives
  • A varied programme of activities developed to appeal to a large audience.

Previous Resonate attendees and performers have gone to enjoy some major success and adulation across Scotland.

“As a result of last year’s Resonate Live showcase, we signed Lee McGilvray, aka Flew the Arrow, as a writer. Since then, we’ve been settling him into writing sessions with some of Scotland’s most exciting writers and producers. We’re really looking forward to monitoring Lee’s progress and seeing him flourish in the music industry. Also, last year’s live headliners, Declan Welsh & The Decadent West scooped up the Best Rock/Alternative award at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards last week, a very deserved winner! Ant Thomas of Glasgow funk group Dopesickfly recently stepped onto stage at The Hydro and performed as part of Colour’s Classical, blasting out Faithless’ ‘Insomnia’. Finally, as a result of Resonate Live 2017, The Nickajack Men signed their last single ‘Changed Ways’ to student run label, Electric Honey Records.”

Susan also offered us an insight into what attendees of Resonate 2018 can expect from the event.

“Attendees can expect a whole bunch of exciting activities including panels, workshops, drop ins and a new addition to this year’s programme, our Tech Hub. Taking place at Ross Street’s ‘Many Studios’, the Tech Hub will be hosting a whole host of practical-based workshops, including ‘Electronic Music Production’, ‘Accessibility and Live Mixdown’ and more. We have developed our drop-in section this year, with additions of ‘Meet the Media’, ‘Building Your Brand’ and ‘Meet the Creative Community’. These sessions are an opportunity to have one-to-one conversations with leading professionals in these fields. We will also be hosting important conversations during our workshop sessions on mental health and wellbeing, international development for Scottish artists & businesses and an A&R masterclass with Tileyard Education. We’ve worked extremely hard this year to bring a diverse programme which has been built on from 2017. Whether you’re an artist, manager, photographer, publisher, label, producer, writer, entrepreneur, business start up, music student, or music enthusiast, there will be an event in our programme which can help you. We’re hoping that attendees can take full advantage of the networking opportunity to meet creatives on a local, national and international scale.”

As for Susan herself, we asked her what she was most looking forward to about the event, and also to pick a few highlights she think will make Resonate 2018, and what advice she would give anyone looking to make their way in the music industry.

“I’m looking forward to the pint afterwards. Genuinely though, I’m looking forward to seeing people chatting, collaborating and just generally having a good time. In 2017, we had a really nice atmosphere and everyone who attended had came for a reason. It’s important to make the most of networking opportunities and meet new people, but it’s important that people enjoy themselves too! I’m really really looking forward to seeing Makeness live, I’ve been a huge fan since seeing him support George Fitzgerald last year, so I’m pretty buzzing to see him alongside the rest of our incredibly exciting live lineup with ONR, Lizzie Reid, Luna the Professor, Carla J Easton & Kate Kyle. We’re also having an after party at The Brunswick Hotel basement, so people can let their hair down and dance into the wee hours.”

“The creative industries is such a diverse and exciting industry. Always changing, always developing. I would say don’t be afraid to try out ideas! Glasgow as a city is such a creative hub and there’s an abundance of opportunities here to get involved in. For me, when I was studying I was that guy that put themselves forward for every volunteer position that was available, working on the door, doing the cloakroom, putting on gigs and from that met lots of amazing people! Resonate is a great opportunity to gain new knowledge and refined skills and develop new ones. Use those skills and that knowledge!”

Tickets for Resonate 2018 are available now.