AS indie Aussies DMA’s get ready to return to their beloved Glasgow this month alongside the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen, Twin Atlantic and Neon Waltz, Tenement TV chatted with lead singer Tommy about Glasgow memories, their rise to the top and Summer Sessions.

Back in 2016, DMA’s exploded onto the indie music scene with their incredible debut album, Hills End. Mixing atmospheric guitars with Britpop swagger, the album catapulted the band to the top of their game.

“I knew the songs were good and people could relate to the music, but there’s so many variables when putting your music out there you never really know how it’s going to go.”

With a bank of songs left over from this debut record, DMA’s set their sights on not only taking their sound around the world, but also beginning work on the follow up record released earlier this year.

“Some are really old songs that we didn’t feel fitted on Hills End like For Now, Warsaw, Lazy Love, Tape Deck Sick. Others were written recently like Emily White, Time and Money, Dawning, so it’s a mix between new and old material. We continually try to write and demo songs so we always have a bunch to choose from when the time comes for a new record.”

2018’s ‘For Now’ enjoyed HUGE critical acclaim and admiration from their fans, something the band remain as pleased with as they were when releasing their first full-length album.

“It’s been good. It’s different releasing a second album because people have an expectation or an idea as to how the record should sound, but I think people have embraced the new songs. We have pushed away from our original garage sound and it seems our fans are well into it.”

Their latest tour saw the Aussie lands grace stages across the world, a huge part of being in a band. This constant travelling may not appeal to all, but Tommy relishes every moment of their journey.

“Travelling and playing music is awesome, we’ve come across some great places. I love Madrid and Tokyo personally, they’re so different to home.”

DMA’s have taken to the stage in Glasgow a number of times now, from bars to the Barrowlands and next Bellahouston Park.

“We played to about 50 people at a venue called Broadcast I think… I remember the people there were well into it and even though it was a tiny gig the energy was great. We’ve been going back to Scotland and the crowds have been gradually growing. It has one of our biggest fan bases now.”

As for the legendary Barrowlands…

“It was my favourite gig this band has ever payed! I want to go back and do a few nights there. I’d also like to play at that bowl place in Manchester, that looks sick! Castlefield Bowl I think it’s called.”

Joining Catfish and the Bottlemen, Twin Atlantic, Peace and many more at this year’s Glasgow Summer Sessions, Tommy and the band get to catch some other indie favourites.

“Can’t wait, the festival looks awesome! I want to see Catfish and the Bottlemen play, we’ve played on the same lineup as them at a load of festival but never caught them.”

Tickets for Summer Sessions are on-sale now.