IN-your-face punk outfit Dream Wife will return to Glasgow for 2019’s TENEMENT TRAIL, and ahead of the show we caught up with the band to chat plans for 2020, advice to new bands and Glasgow gigs.

“Oh, we loved it. I know that people always say about cities in interviews, but we genuinely fell in love. True connection. It was a show at Sleazys, we made a bunch of friends that night and ended up in Firewater. Or wait was that another time. They’re all good memories. We always leave with big smiles. The music coming from Glasgow is also so original and exciting right now. Acts like Ninth Wave, Walt Disco and Lucia, what gems.”

With TENEMENT TRAIL moving East for the first time and taking over a new bunch of venues, the festival finds it new main stage in one of the world’s most iconic venues, the Barrowlands.

“I’d give it a 10/10. Never been, heard it’s gorgeous and people say that it’s one of those bucket list venues for bands forming Glasgow. So will honour that, show our gratitude and have a damn good time.”

TENEMENT TRAIL represents one of many festivals taking place in Scotland every year, a live outlet that is incredibly important to artists and fans looking to find something new.

“It’s all about the live show. Making albums is fun but you need them to be able to tour. The song really comes to life on the stage with the audience’s energy and it’s a living and breathing organ always changing and evolving. It’s euphoric. A shared experience. At music festivals you get the chance to see acts that you haven’t heard of and same to bands to play to newer audiences – to see if that spark lights.”

Looking back on advice they’ve received, Rakel told of how her Grandmother gave her some performance tips.

“My grandmother, who’s an actress, gave me the best advice when I was a kid that I’ve used as a singer. The meaning of the lyrics are in the eyes. By looking down, keeping your eyes closed the whole time or thinking about something else you’re depriving the audience of really experiencing the song live. It’s all in the eyes. Like Tyra banks says. When I watch tv music programs with my grandmother she gets really frustrated when there’s a singer that has their eyes closed the whole time, we usually change the channel.”

Set to storm the TENEMENT TRAIL stage with their unique punk-driven sound, Dream Wife said fans can expect “chaos and love”. And as for 2020…

“Something special.”

Tickets for TENEMENT TRAIL 2019 are on sale now.