WITH live music put on hold during lockdown, TENEMENT TV caught up with VanIves to chat about how they are keeping busy and where they think the music industry goes from here.

What’s the last thing the band said to each other in your Whatsapp group?

“The last conversation in our group chat was about some really exciting Scottish collaborations we have been working on this year. Unfortunately this is all we can say at this point.”

How do you feel about the current state of the world and the effect that it will have on Scottish music industry?

“We are feeling uncertain as most are at the moment, and are compassionate towards those of us who are already working a number of jobs to keep our music careers afloat. However, I’m sure there are plenty of others struggling worse than we are, so the best we can do as musicians is continue making music and performing safely, while trying to help others where we can.”

What 5 Scottish bands are on your isolation playlist?

“Be Charlotte
Wuh oh
Russel Stewart”

When the world gets back to normal, what’s the first thing the band is going to do?

“Hopefully perform the new music we have released over this social distancing period, for the first time. Can’t wait to just be in a gig environment again.”

What’s next for the band? Still releasing new music / re-arranged tour dates etc etc?

“Next for VanIves is putting some new music out into the atmosphere.” Listen to VanIves’ latest single ‘Babyshowers’ here.

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