AHEAD of bringing their indie-rock chaos to Princes Street Gardens alongside Bastille + Special Guests The Vaccines, TTV caught up with Retro Video Club to chat about their goals, music in Scotland and their love for Glasgow.

Earlier this year, Retro Video Club were able to tick of a show that stands on every band’s bucket list, as they took to a sold-out King Tut’s. However, they still have some shows on the list ready to tick off…

“It felt a bit surreal. I think that’s one of every Scottish band’s goals cause we’ve so many of our favourite bands over the years play that venue, so to do it ourselves was just a great feeling, and knowing that people get what this band is all about is great to see too.”

“Playing at Princes Street Gardens is on the goal list, but luckily enough we’re about to do that next week. I think more than anything our goal is to continue to play to as many people as possible and continue to build our fan base, cause that’s what we do this for, so we can express what everyone like us has been through, and if we keep doing that hopefully we’ll be able to keep growing the shows to bigger venues and being involved in bigger events.”

With the music scene in Scotland thriving like never before, as thousands of bands take to stages up and down the country, it is more important than ever for bands to set themselves apart.

“I think more than anything we know exactly what we are, which is an honest, no frills, indie-rock band who write honest songs about real life scenarios and situations. Certainly, for me, I think there’s only a handful of other bands in Scotland that try and express universal dramas that happen to everyday people in their everyday lives, so I think that might be a factor in what makes us different. Throw into that catchy songs and I think you’re onto a winner.”

Glasgow remains a huge focal point of live music in the UK, and Retro Video Club know what the city offers bands that keeps some of the biggest and best coming to the city.

“It’s always been very accepting of us and we can’t thank the people who’ve came to see this band there enough. The people there are so open minded when it comes to just going out to a local show of a band they’ve never heard, and it allows bands like us the chance to convert strangers into fans, so we’re really thankful for that.”

Unfortunately for Glasgow, one of the city’s most iconic venues fell victim to a heart-breaking fire earlier this year, but the strength of the scene remains as strong.

“I think music will always find a way to live on. Glasgow’s full of iconic venues, and whilst the ABC is a big loss there’s still plenty of other places for bands to create those momentous occasions. Hopefully it’s not too long before we see the ABC back in action.”

As huge festival fans, Retro Video Club told us who would make up their ideal festival lineup this summer.

“It’d have to be Green Day, The Strokes, Queen (with Freddie of-course), ABBA and Retro Video Club naturally, because that’d be too good a bill not to say to people you were playing on.”

With a huge set at the first ever Edinburgh Summer Sessions coming next week, Retro Video Club made it clear what fans can expect from their set, and what they have to bring!

“A genuine love performing. These songs were all written with a festival crowd in mind, and now that we’re lucky enough to be on the bill at a show like this, we’re just excited to be able to perform, and we’ll definitely feed off the fact it’s at the most iconic venue in our hometown.”

And don’t forget…

“A Retro Video Club t-shirt, an open mind and your ticket.”

Tickets for Edinburgh Summer Sessions are on-sale now.