feature length Amy Winehouse documentary entitled ‘Amy’ has been shortlisted for an Oscar at next year’s Academy Awards. 

Directed by the BAFTA winning filmaker Asif Kapadia, ‘Amy’ provided the singer’s fans with unprecedented access to the tragic yet seminal songstress who tragically died at the age of 27 and broke previous records to become the highest grossing documentary film of all time in the UK.

Nominated alongside the RadicalMedia’s outstanding Nina Simone feature ‘What Happened Miss Simone?’ alongside a plethora of work from other studios and filmmakers, the film has divided opinion among those who personally knew Amy; with her father Mitch proclaiming its portrayal of his daughter to be ‘hurtful’ while Mark Ronson proclaimed Kapadia’s approach to be ‘respectful’.

Watch a brief clip from the documentary in which Amy records ‘Back To Black’ alongside the aforementioned Ronson below: