FIGURES from across the music industry, from artists to managers, have reacted to the launch of TENEMENT TV’s Crowdfunder.

Set up to secure the longevity of TTV as we enter our tenth year, the #TTV10 Crowdfunder will allow us to keep promoting the best new music and bringing YOU, the fans, closer to the artists you love. We have already hit £3000 of our £10k target, and some of the artists and industry professionals we have worked with in the past have taken to social media to voice their support, including Scottish pop sensation Lewis Capaldi.

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Here are some big big throwbacks, from a few of the @tenementtv shows & sessions we have done! @tenementtv have been one of the biggest Supporters we have had since becoming a band, and I’m sure most Glasgow based artists and more outwith will agree! ⁣ ⁣ From pushing live sessions to playing @tenementtrail several years running, to always singing our praises in reviews, and bringing so many artists together, they have really helped us to step out of our small City walls and given us the confidence to go⁣ further. ⁣ ⁣ I’d go as far to say that what they have created, and the 328 live sessions they have filmed all starting in a Tenement flat is iconic!!!💋⁣ ⁣ We’d love to see TTV continue to help the UK music scene thrive and also reach their 10th anniversary in 2021!⁣! ⁣ If you’d like to help/ read more then the link to their crowdfunder is in their bio! 💓

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TENEMENT TV booked us for our first proper gig that wasn’t in someone’s flat. We’d never stood on a stage together…

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Scottish indie giants The Fratellis took to twitter to voice their support.

Kingdom Management (Walt Disco, Lucia & The Best Boys, Aaron Smith) co-founder Hamish Fingland took to Instagram to talk about his journey alongside TTV.

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I’ve always loved watching and I’ve been inspired by what @tenementtv do. They’ve supported me through every dodgy haircut and every band I’ve played with. I feel we have been on a musical journey in some ways, scratching each other’s backs be it 3 gigs in a day or sessions at T in The Park or Wickerman Festival, Tenement TV on site live sessions at different venues or spaces and now booking us for sessions and the @tenementtrail for bands I work with. Incredible respect for @nadinettv @chaehouston and @jamiebellarebel for what you built and a big thank you ❤️ It’s 10 years of Tenement TV and it’s tough times in this mad world. They need your support and we owe them support for the Scottish Music Scene. Let’s keep Scottish music as prominent and as important as it deserves to be. Jump to their profile and through the link in their bio donate to their crowdfunder!

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Other artists from TTV’s earliest sessions arse also getting behind the crowdfunder.

TENEMENT TV need your support & help – and they’ve played a major role in the support & launch of some the UK’s biggest…

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To find out more about the rewards you can receive by pledging to the TTV Crowdfunder, and to donate, click HERE.

Thank you, and see you down the front in 2021.