ii50. Unknown Mortal Orchestra II

Ruban Nielson’s vocals on opener From the Sun are a beautiful tribute to Paul McCartney and the emotion seeps out of them in his lead on Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark). Winning the Best Alternative Album At The New Zealand Music Awards in November is a perfect way to end the year for the psychedelic rhythm and blues outfit.

Listen: Unknown Mortal Orchestra ‘So Good At Being In Trouble’


71-YnFsK--L._SL1429_49. Swim Deep Where the Heaven Are We

Rolled out of bed with a lollipop is how Swim Deep’s dreamy, youthful, poptastic debut album Where the Heaven Are We can be collectively described. Like the name suggests, Honey is sweet and succulent. The bass plays a big part in the song, keys working perfectly well to bring this song into an electro-pop dream. Repetitive lyrics are introduced in the last section of this song, “don’t just dream in your sleep, it’s just lazy” forcing you into a dreamy, sloth-like fist pump.

Via SoundCloud

toy-join-the-dots-500x50248. Toy Join the Dots

Another  of Heavenly Records darlings, Toy released their debut this year. The London five-piece formed their psychedelic-rock outfit in 2012, releasing their debut in the same year. Nominated in the Best New Band category at this year’s Q Awards, they have created a full-bodied sound that crashes rudely into your face in the form of album opener Conductor.  It’s seven minutes of pure noise and distortion that sets the bar high for the proceeding beat-driven beasts. The rest of the LP doesn’t disappoint, the album title track Join the Dots is centrally Sonic Youth, post-rock, goth and a hefty slice of all three at eight minutes long. 

Listen: TOY – ‘Fall Out Of Love’


the strypes snapshot47. The Strypes Snapshot

The Strypes are one of the most exciting young bands of 2013- reminiscent of the pioneers in 1950’s and 60’s rhythm and blues. Their debut album Snapshot is a timeless record with achingly-catchy riffs and beats that is so relentlessly frantic and perfectly vintage, you forget that these Irish lads are only just starting out. And it took more than a love for rhythm and blues to create something like the rocketing debut Snapshot. At times you feel this record should be filed alongside the UK boom of r ‘n’ b that paved way to the likes of The Yardbirds, The Stones and Dr Feelgood- and they are all in there, be it through the lyrics reminiscent of Lee Brilleaux or the rapturous riffs of Keith Richards.

 Via SoundCloud


download (2)46. Factory Floor Factory Floor

Enigmatic trio Factory Floor have been around for the last three years, last releasing an untitled EP in 2010. Self-titled debut album opens with Turn It Up, starting with a drone-like vocal from Nik Colk that seems to be all over the place; yet still fitting in nicely with this head bobbing track. Here Again relentlessly moves back and forward from speaker to speaker, leaving you wondering what kind of piece of music you are going to get. The drum machine kicks in creating a scattered beat before the higher tones make it more solid and dance-friendly. An extremely exciting LP leaving fans desperate for more in 2014.

Via SoundCloud


homepage_large.5ce2f27345. BRMC Specter at the Feast

It’s been a solid twelve years that have allowed Black Rebel Motorcycle Club the time to produce five full LP’s, the sixth is Specter at the Feast. Full of  experimental juxtapositional tracks playing with tempos, riffs and lyrics in a way the band haven’t dared before. It was the death of bassist Robert Levon Been’s father Michael that inspired the tribute to his old band’s track Let the Day Begin – pure 80’s rock brought to leathery-life by BRMC. Then there’s Sometimes the Light- slow, dreamy and utterly breathtaking with its keys melody and atmospheric lyrics. A ridiculously good release from the band, and on their own label too.

Listen: BRMC Specter at the Feast’


BABYSHAMBLES_-_Sequel_To_The_Prequel44. Babyshambles Sequel to the Prequel

It’s a love/hate relationship many nurture with infamous musician Pete Doherty. For those that admire him, they would agree he has produced some of the best music to ever come out of England. And for those on the other side of the fence, the Babyshambles front man is unpredictable. Fans were lucky enough to catch the band in successful shows around the UK this Autumn, sets filled with these news tracks. Picture Me in Hospital starts beautifully with the mandolin and violin before the drum creates the drive and the acoustic guitar works the background noise. The violin plays a much bigger role in this track, being used for the lead riff. Lyrically this is a very impressive song and is a contender for the strongest track on the album.

Listen: Babyshambles ‘Sequel to the Prequel’


RM_Hubbert_-_Breaks___Bone_1373464414_crop_550x55043. RM Hubbert Breaks & Bones

Winning the Scottish Album of the Year award for his previous effort Thirteen Lost & Found, RM Hubbert has stripped the arrangement down to just him and his guitar for tracks on short LP Breaks & Bones. This abstract release pins Hubbert as a technical genius with lyrical journeys that stretch across an impressive range. Track Son of Princess, Brother of Rambo may be instrumental- but its an emotional display nether-the-less.

RM Hubbert TTV Session 


Three_Blind_Wolves_-_Sing_Hallelujah_For_the_Old_Machine42. Three Blind Wolves Sing Hallelujah for the Old Machine

Glasgow four-piece Three Blind Wolves have grown a lot since the days of 2010’s blusey beauty of a track Honey Fire. Their new release still homes in on lead’s Ross Clark rusty vocals, track In Here Somewhere testament to that. They may have shrugged off the country rock tag with songs like Gold on the Cross, but Tall Man Rising is smooth sailing right back into that pigeon hole. Great to see a Scottish band grow both technically and emotionally through the years, and Sing Hallelujah for the Old Machine has done just that.

Listen: Three Blind Wolves ‘In Here Somewhere’


2013Drenge_album_packshot600G08081341. Drenge Drenge

2013 has been some year for Loveless brothers Rory and Eoin. There was Glastonbury, their debut album hit the shelves and MP Tom Watson recommended them in his Cabinet recognition letter. Then there’s the music; their heavy garage pop is gnarly and clattering all over the place into a wonderful mess of sound. As a rock double act filed alongside the likes of The Black Keys and The White Stripes for reasons of numbers only, Drenge bring a British twist to the scene and this release is effortlessly creative.

Via SoundCloud


Beady Eye - Be40. Beady Eye BE

The fifteen-heavy record opens with Flick of the Finger which is best played live and loud. This is the track standing out in live performances thanks to major production on the song, featuring not one, but two drummers. An old-school broadcasting voice speaks of the revolution, a la Public Service Broadcasting half way through. The brass on this track is a great creative decision for Beady Eye making Flick of the Finger a great ballsy opener with Oasis-esque repetitive lyrics. Beady Eye also hit the nail on the head with Iz Rite; with a strong 90’s tempo this one is fans pining over the dissolved Oasis.

Listen: Beady Eye ‘BE’ 


download (3)39. Bass Drum Of Death Bass Drum Of Death

Since last releasing a full LP in 2011, Bass Drum of Death have proved themselves as solid rock artists with their self-titled LP Bass Drum of Death. It opens with a drum section that smashes loud and proud before introducing the punky vocals in track I Wanna Be Forgotten. Shattered Me is another powerful rhythmic tune, this time with a more rock root and a daring little melody. The band rework a noticeably U2 riff for the cosmic Bad Reputation, and do it well too. Surprises come in the form of the best on the release, Such a Bore- psychedelic at the core, its a trippy track which still manages to stay true to the band’s garage rock dream.

Via SoundCloud


rudimental_home38. Rudimental Home

Unsurprisingly nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, Rudimental’s Home release is a collection of radio hits that burst into life in the band’s live set. And its the tour that accompanied this release that really broke the ground for the dance act. Feel the Love became a goal scoring, highlights video soundtrack and a number one hit. Featuring voices on tracks from the likes of Emeli Sande and Alex Clare, the house-peach Spoons is Ibiza and mainstream radio all at once- and capturing that unique sound is testament to just why this album shaped festivals and clubs all year long.

Listen: Rudimental ‘Free’


Black-Sabbath-13-album-art-604x56937. Black Sabbath 13

Opening with the haunting End of the Beginning makes for a fitting tale for the band that have recorded with Ozzy Osborne for the first time in 35 years for this release. Beginning slow, Rage Against the Machine’s Brad Wilks steps up his game on the drums following Bill Ward’s departure from the band- its a menacing track for Sabbath in 2013. As the music gathers pace in tracks like Dear Father, we are treated to chilling and potent displays of lyrics and rasp from Osborne.

Listen: Full album 


The_Knife_-_Shaking_the_Habitual36. The Knife Shaking The Habitual

Swedish duo Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer have grown considerably in the seven years since Silent Shout2013’s Shaking The Habitual is a dark, super, electro record with tracks like Stay Out There hounding at deep synths and dirty beats. Ready to Lose is a dirty bass line mixed with some afro-pop beats taking you on a exotic ride of true experimentation.  

Listen: The Knife ‘A Tooth for An Eye’ 


james-blake-overgrown-620x40035. James Blake Overgrown

A worthy winner of this year’s Mercury Music Prize, James Blake’s talent at mixing acoustics with synths, samples and a haunting vocals has produced a chilling record full of fresh tracks. Echoing electronics and sublime harmonies are smothered across this inventive record that takes a bash at creating something different in a time when it seems everything has already been done.

Listen: James Blake – ‘Retrograde’


Fuck-Buttons-Slow-Focus34. Fuck Buttons Slow Focus

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but the innovative craftsmanship between Fuck Buttons duo Benjamin Power and Andrew Hung has seen them get all kinds of creative with old karaoke machines, children’s toys, vintage keyboards and countless amounts of computer software. Brainfreeze does exactly what it says on the tin with its distorted samples and war cry rhythm. With only seven tracks on this release, Fuck Buttons have offered up variety and that’s never as true as when listening to Stalker, perfectly named with its creepy reverb and drum beat.

Listen: Fuck Buttons ‘Brainfreeze’ 


charles-bradley-victim-of-love33. Charles Bradley Victim Of Love

Released through old soul label Daptone, Charles Bradley’s Victim of Love is an achingly beautiful and melancholy story of a life filled with pain, murder, homelessness and James Brown impersonation. Strong and powerful vocals fill this record, songs You Put the Flame on It and Love Bug Blues perfect throwbacks to the soul era- Bradley’s genuine experiences ever-present.

 Via SoundCloud


artworks-000052429465-tv4am1-crop32. The 1975 The 1975

Radio-ready pop songs are packed into this self-titled release. Youthful, melodic and with choruses that get stuck in your head all day long; The 1975 is a strong first release from the four-piece. Singles Chocolate, The City and Sex are included- the latter first released on the Sex EP last year. The 16 track strong record puts the band in the running for a strong second release, and hopefully we don’t wait too long for it.

 Via SoundCloud


Jake-Bugg-Shangri-La31. Jake Bugg Shangri-La

Although his Mercury Music Prize nominated debut was only released fourteen months ago, hot-property Bugg is full speed ahead with his second release, Shangri-La . Track What Doesn’t Kill You is a nostalgic nod to the Arctic Monkeys of the noughties. Then there’s the completely different Kingpin which sees Bugg try his hand at the blues, as its steady beat and repetitive hook give fans a taste of what it would be like if Bugg listened to more Dr Feelgood than Neil Young in his bedroom as kid. Heavy production allow for a strong contender for a single release.

Listen: Jake Bugg ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’


Disclosure-Settle30. Disclosure Settle

Deep house on the mainstream radio getting played as the filling in a music sandwich of Rhianna and Arctic Monkeys may have been previously unheard of, but thanks to Disclosure, in 2013 it happened. Settle features a wide array of deep beats to fill the dance floors and ridiculous hooks to sell records to unsuspecting house fans. Voices is an example of that, with a nice chorus and a beat that catches you off guard, especially 2:40 in.

Listen: Disclosure ‘Voices’


download (2)29. Glasvegas Later… When the TV Turns to Static 

Title track on  this LP Later… When the TV Turns to Static proves Glasvegas have stayed true to their roots with a ridiculously passionate opening verse from lead James Allan grabbing all the attention. As their four full LP release in five years, Glasvegas have captured moments of brilliance with  Later… When the TV Turns to Static; their recent hometown show at the city’s Fruitmarket is proof of that. As is I’d Rather be Dead (Than Be With You)- a haunting piano driving the song along as Allan’s vocals become strong showing true pain. Even the spoken part is haunting, a really gorgeous track.

Listen: Glasvegas ‘Geraldine’ 


Palma Violets 18028. Palma Violets 180

Palma Violets remain one of most hyped indie bands from the last year. Touring and becoming highlights at festivals all summer, the band’s debut album is full of catchy indie rock with simple hooks. Johnny Bagga’ Donuts has something very different to offer compared to their hit single Best of Friends, in fact this could be the gem of the album. There is a charm about this song that’s hard to explain but play it loud and you’ll understand. The roughness of the vocals from Alexander Chilli Jesson has something endearing about it which grabs your attention throughout this release.

Via SoundCloud


51fIXPkz6ML27. King Krule Feet Beneath The Moon

19-year-old Archy Marshall has a voice worth listening to. Releasing his debut LP in the late summer and going by the recently changed, Donkey Kong inspired King Krule (previously Zoo kid); he has a strange, weird, grainy and passionate tone that makes Feet Beneath The Moon a stand-out release in 2013. Out Getting Ribs is a torturing static affair of youth disapproval and the generation of struggle. Then there’s tracks like Easy Easy with its picky guitar and intriguing whales- its simply ridiculously good. This LP is a powerful documentation of King Krule having not a lot to be happy about in this Krule, Krule world. 

Listen: King Krule ‘Easy Easy’


villagers-awayland26. Villagers Awayland

Another band nominated for the Mercury Music Prize are Villagers. A dazzling release of imagery and roller-coaster ideas, Awayland is intelligent and witty in equal measures. Proclaiming the influences for the hyped-up follow-up release to this debut are Nick Drake, Curtis Mayfield and Slaughterhouse 5 author Kurt Vonnegut, lead Conor O’Brien doesn’t seem to be phased by the pressure one tiny bit.

Listen: Full album


the national25. The National Trouble Will Find Me

Since fifth album High Violet sealed the band’s move into the mainstream, sixth effort Trouble Will Find Me has well and truly made people take notice. With its stuttering rhythms and earth-shattering intricate structures, the LP balances on the edge of wonderful song-by-song. Piano parts and emotional lyrics make for an exquisite release from the band. Then there’s the album sleeve, simply awesome.

Listen: The National ‘Sea Of Love’


homepage_large.c578e87a24. Parquet Courts Light Up Gold

American college drop-outs are responsible for one of the strongest debut releases this year- packed full of intelligent riffs that The Strokes could pass off as their own. Yr No Stoner is summery and sweet rock ‘n’ roll, whaney lyrics from lead vocalist Andrew Savage a highlight. Then there’s the delightful Yonder is Closer to the Heart- showing the band as multi-talented with the complex arrangement, the music crashes and whollops through beats and bridges that when joined together explode into something quite magical.

 Via SoundCloud


81F06x9IA6L._SL1000_23. Kodaline In A Perfect World

Another band to drop into Tenement TV HQ on the cusp of their mind-blowing success, are Kodaline. After stepping foot out our tenement door, they went on to dominate the radio and festivals with their catchy hits including Love Like This. The Dublin quartet laid down their radio-ready guitar rock like the greats before them a-la U2 and Coldplay. Other tracks standing out on the release are the likes of All I Want with its haunting vocals and harmonies, its a truly emotional display from the band. 

Listen: Kodaline – ‘Love Like This’


2013DeapVally-Sistrionix600G24061322. Deap Vally Sistrionix

Californian two-piece Deap Vally are all balls and glitter with their debut garage rock release Sistrionix. Their relentless riffs, husky vocals and smashing drum parts make for a record full of attitude and grime. Doing it for the girls, the duo are a simple set-up of vocals, drums and guitar but still manage to blow the speakers up with tracks like Baby I Call Hell and Gonna Make My Own Money.

 Via SoundCloud


BE0Qiv0CEAAAz6B21. Laura Marling Once I Was An Eagle

Still singing of love, Laura Marling has come a long way from the days of Ghosts. Her 2013 album Once I Was An Eagle is immediate and profoundly beautiful. If there’s a song that shows the growth of the youthful and timid vocalist, Master Hunter is it. Displaying a more sultry vocal and experimenting with rhythm to devastating effect throughout the LP, Marling even curses in it.

 Via SoundCloud


220px-BadBloodBastillealbum20. Bastille Bad Blood

Recording a session with Bastille on the cusp of their success were Bastille who went onto release their strong debut, Bad Blood. Arguably one of the most distinctive radio hits of 2013, Bastille’s Pompeii is radio, dancefloor and festival wrapped into one melodic chant. The anthemic LP is full of Pompeii’s 80’s-inspired chorus and backing vocals making it stand out against the rest.

Listen: Bastille – ‘Pompeii’


download (6)19. Savages Silence Yourself

Post-punk, arty girl quartet Savages have taken feminism by the reigns this year and produced a whirling record in the form of debut LP Silence Yourself. Track She Will is a stand out, all becoming a bit overwhelming half way through as the track erupts into an angry expression; evoking nothing less than perfect mechanical noise that displays just how preciously they have grasped the balance of post-punk and rock.

Listen: Savages – ‘She Will’


packshot18. Vampire Weekend Modern Vampires Of The City

Afro-pop melodies and interesting electronics expand into a methodical triumph for Vampire Weekend’s Modern Vampires of the City. Track Ya Hey with its keys and rhythm parts standing out against interesting spoken lyrics, is classic Vampire Weekend at its best. A number one on the Billboard charts for the New Yorkers, the album has sold almost a million copies to date.

Listen: Vampire Weekend – ‘Ya Hey’


Push-The-Sky-Away-PACKSHOT1-768x76817. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Push The Sky Away

An atmospheric hook runs through the veins of track, Jubilee Street- a masterpiece of work from Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’ critically-acclaimed 2013 release Push The Sky Away. The album is a wonderful story of sorrow complemented by its dragging beat that leaves you hanging in suspense. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds have toured extensively this winter and Cave’s upcoming film 20,000 Days on Earth is set to make its debut next month at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Listen: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds ‘- Jubilee Street’


The Strokes - Comedown Machine16. The Strokes Comedown Machine

It’s been two years since the strokes dropped arguably one of the best songs of the last ten years Under The Cover of Darkness; however,  their new LP Comedown Machine is The Strokes at their best. Back to basics, everything in the song from riffs, to drums to epic chorus and husky vocals are perfectly vintage. This track could easily have been from previous releases Is This It or Room on Fire.  This is the track that old school Strokes fans can certainly relate to.

Listen: The Strokes ‘Welcome To Japan’


peace-in-love15.  Peace In Love

Peace’s tracks are produced by Jim Abiss who has previously worked with chart-heavy-weights The Arctic Monkeys and Adele. Working his magic with the opener Higher Than The Sun, Abiss has created a fantastic sound. With its solid bass guitar line and eerie sound building up to a pounding chorus- it’s perfectly placed as an attention grabbing opening track. Follow Baby has a strong 90’s feel to it, with its calm sounding verses that transcend into a very angelic chorus. This is an enjoyable song that carries itself well from start to finish. 

 Via SoundCloud


franz_ferdinand_-_right_thoughts_right_words_right_action-cover14. Franz Ferdinand Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

After taking a bit of a hiatus, Franz Ferdinand made a welcomed return in 2013 with their forth studio album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action. Signed to mega-label, Domino, the band have created a record full of Franz Ferdinand gold with their short and snappy approach to riffs and beats. Track Evil Eye is testament to that with its distinctive sound that fans fell in love with way back at the start.

Listen: Franz Ferdinand – ‘Evil Eye’


homepage_large.e9d15a7713. Jagwar Ma Howlin

Australian outfit Jagwar Ma have been compared to the baggy bands of the 90′s, an influence that’s utterly apparent in their LP Howlin. Track The Throw certainly gives a nod to the British Hacienda, going down a treat in their live set during their UK tour. Using drum machines in tracks to create a daredevil guitar dance sound, the band’s trippy guitar hooks and echoing lyrics scream 90’s whilst giving a nod to the technology-captivating 2013.

 Via SoundCloud


Primal scream album cover12. Primal Scream More Light

Primal Scream are the band that changed the musical landscape forever with the monumental release of Screamadelica and wrote one of the most powerful political albums of all time in the shape of XTRMNTR. It’s safe to say, new release More Light doesn’t disappoint. Culturecide is as powerful as its name, lyrics roll of Gillespies tongue and quickly it becomes clear this is The Scream’s view of a modern-day Britain. This is what we’ve been waiting for, a disgruntled Primal Scream that want to put the world to rights.

Listen: Primal Scream – ‘2013’


the_next_day_600sq_0_0_211. David Bowie The Next Day

Coming back in 2013 with a band, David Bowie’s 2013 release The Next Day bagged a Mercury Music Prize nomination and some hefty critical acclaim. Track Where Are We Now is haunting and delicate with major focus on a dramatic piano-led melody. Bowie’s vocals are particularly charming throughout the LP- a true pioneer in the industry, Bowie has firmly made his stamp on 2013.

Listen: David Bowie – Where Are We Now?


Nobody Seen Nothin cover for bigcartel10. Hector Bizerk Nobody Seen Nothing

Creating a Scottish hip-hop record is more than tales of Buckfast and A&E- but thankfully, Hector Bizerk’s second album includes witty renditions of both. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find an LP bursting with energetic drums, creative rhythms and topical discussions from one of the most exciting things to come out of the Scottish music industry in the past three years. Recorded over an eight month period in PaulsHall’s Studios in Cumbernauld, Hector Bizerk have self-produced an album to a high quality- giving the Scottish hip-hop scene something relatable and to be proud of.

 Via SoundCloud



chvrches-the-bones-of-what-you-believe9. CHVRCHES The Bones of What You Believe

Serving up a scrumptious slice of synth-pop with their debut album release is Glasgow’s CHVRCHES with The Bones of What You Believe. Dishing out tracks into the mainstream, like hit The Mother We Share; the three piece have proved just why they are such hot property. After bagging The BBC’s Sound of 2013 top spot in the poll, the band have managed to remain strong in the spotlight. The album is synthy with pop dominating its sound throughout- though its tracks like Tether which show CHVRCHES as utterly dynamic and so very 2013.

 Via SoundCloud


The_Temperance_Movement_The_Temperance_Movement_cover8. The Temperance Movement The Temperance Movement

The record is nothing short of mesmerising, leading the listener down a dirt track of soulful blues, rock and ultimately, roll. Lead Phil Campbell’s rusty, whiskey-soaked vocals is nothing short of tantalising. Only friend is as lonely as the solo riff that fittingly opens the track. While Lovers and Fighters is delicate, soulful and from the heart. Like something jammed together by The Eagles in the 70′s, the lyrics pound into your heartache and rise it to the surface. That’s when music is power; when it evokes more than feeling or an emotion- it slices into your darkness.

Listen: The Temperance Movement – ‘Only Friend’


2013Reflektor2_Instargram_0608137. Arcade Fire Reflektor

A mega PR campaign landed in October, citing Canadian rock band Arcade Fire under their new persona, The Reflektors. Then came the release, showing fans they had chosen to abandon rock ‘n’ roll , some-what, to create a dance record. Title track Reflektor encapsulates that ethos with its clean and sharp sound, its all about the harmonies and drums, which when broken down with the hypnotic guitar riffs makes for a stunning piece of music from the Canadians.

Listen: Arcade Fire – ‘Reflektor’


daft-punk-random-access-memories-artwork_jpg_640x618_q856. Daft Punk Random Access Memories

The album is reminiscent of an early Daft Punk sound, managing to magically incorporate the sounds of modern disco music. The 13 track album takes listeners on a journey with each song contrasting the latter. Orchestras and choirs make Random Access Memories a memorable listen. With a mix of synths, the unmistakeable funk guitars of Nile Rodgers and massive pounding drums in track Give Life Back to Music sends you in an exciting twirl.  The track then breaks down into a guitar-led funk song with an elegant keyboard playing in the background giving it a soft tone. The way the synths are used is rare in this track; used in the run up to the chorus to make it sound ‘together’, before Rodgers kicks back in with his clean sound and the famous Daft Punk vocoder starts to sing.

Listen: Daft Punk – ‘Get Lucky’


biffy-clyro-opposites-arwork5. Biffy Clyro Opposites

Sticking to what works for the iconic Scottish outfit, Biffy Clyro have created a steady, catchy and romantic portrayal of where the band are at with their 2013 release Opposite. The title track is classically Biffy with its melodic riffs and distinctive vocals. The LP is 20 tracks heavy, Victory Over The Sun has a charming repetitive riff opener that builds into a great little rhythmic rock tune.

Listen: Biffy Clyro – ‘Opposite’


HAIM-Days-Are-Gone-2013-1200x12004. Haim Days Are Gone

Following a series of LA studio sessions with producers Ariel Rechtshaid and James Ford- Haim follow in the footsteps of Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys and Florence & The Machine working with the very best in the business.

Stevie Nicks influences are infused with diamond pop harmonies and hooks that got everyone singing all summer long. Honey & I starts with the sultry strumming reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac’s perfect song, Albatross. Dreamy, dainty and rhythmically-beautiful; the track develops a tempting beat and haunting lead vocals from Danielle. A real gem from the three piece. Then there’s the title track Days Are Gone which sees Alana Haim take the lead on the vocals giving this track a deeper tone. It’s was co-written by Jessie Ware and Kid Harpoon- opening up influences of folk and electro. This synth-fuelled song is 1980′s, catchy and heartfelt.

Listen: Haim – ‘The Wire’


tumblr_mvj8vh8rTs1qcifjdo1_1383221934_cover3. QOSTA …Like Clockwork

Since releasing their 2013 album …Like Clockwork earlier this year, rock-gods QOTSA have worked with Arctic Monkeys and sold out arenas around the world.

The most silky smooth tracks on the LP comes in the from of Smooth Sailing; encapsulating their famous rock ‘n’ roll riffs and howling vocals. Smooth, gritty and dirty all at the same time, this is QOTSA at their absolute best. If I Had a Tail, with Grohl on drums and an acapella featuring Alex Turner, this track has an awesome gang-chorus and instrumental break-downs that make for a catchy hit. 

Listen: QOTSA – ‘Smooth Sailing’


Holy_Fire_II2. Foals Holy Fire

With 2008’s Antidotes and 2010’s Total Life Forever cementing Foals firmly in the “math-rock” pigeon hole, their latest masterpiece in the form of Holy Fire sees the band delve confidently into mega howling tracks that don’t shy away from the experimental guitar work from early on in their career. Single Inhaler and our no.1 track of 2013 My Number are both haunting and infectious- indie rock at their best. Foals know what works, what could work and we love their continued experiments.

Listen: Foals – ‘My Number’


download (3)1. Arctic Monkeys AM

AM is a rock record with moments created through the view of rose tinted spectacles. Arctic Monkeys have used rap and hip hop to create something rock has never seen before.

The album is heavily influenced by frontman Alex Turner’s new Vox 12 string guitar and the blueprint of R U Mine? Outkast, R Kelly and Black Sabbath influences have reared their head with tracks like Snap Out Of It standing out. It is nothing short of a toe-tapping, finger-snapping, rock ‘n’ roll belter. Catchy, light and melodic from the first beat dropped, Snap Out Of It may not be as strong as the rest, but its holding its head high in the vintage stakes.

Listen: Arctic Monkeys – ‘Arabella’