factory-floor-factory-floor50. FACTORY FLOOR ‘Fall Back’

Enigmatic trio Factory Floor have been around for the last three years, last releasing an untitled EP in 2010. Fall Back is a massive pounding track with a kicking drum beat and fazer creating tremendous background drive. And for the first time in their self titled album, the introduction of live drums bring the first of the disco feel. This track has a lot of drive and energy.

Via SoundCloud


Telegram_1379583419_crop_550x55049. Telegram ‘Follow’

Telegram are relatively new faces in the indie music scene, making a name for themselves perfectly with this debut release. Follow has jaggy guitars and scatty drums down to a T, lathered-up with the rusty vocals from lead Matt Saunders.

One of the most exciting new live bands around, they effortlessly combine their love of Eno, Barrett and late-punk to great effect and the results are truly stunning.

Listen: Telegram – ‘Follow’


1234548. Swim Deep ‘Honey’ 

Making songs that sound like summer is a risky business for an English band, but luckily for Swim Deep their debut release has gained airplay to last them way into a wintery tour.

Taken from their debut LP Where the Heaven Are We, this track is a keys kaleidoscope and as dreamy it gets. Introducing us to the succulent tone of lead vocalist Austin Williams, its a sleepy affair of electro-pop and by no means a peak note of what this band can do. See track Colour Your Ways for proof.

Via SoundCloud


pokey47. Pokey LaFarge ‘The Devil Ain’t Lazy’

Swingy and Western, Pokey LaFarge’s The Devil Ain’t Lazy takes the view on music that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and this track is a terribly delicious portrayal of that.

Blending bluegrass, folk and country like Jack Daniels and honey, this release on Jack White’s Third Man Records is arguably his best yet.


Listen: Pokey LaFarge – ‘The Devil Ain’t Lazy’


king-krule-easy46. King Krule ‘Easy Easy’

King Krule released his debut album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon on his 19th birthday this summer. With his original neo-soul style, at times the music is only about his voice, even though the guitar riff in Easy Easy is pretty captivating. This song is a roller coaster of bursting vocals, whales and spits of passion from King Krule- its no wonder the hype around him is huge.


Listen: King Krule ‘Easy Easy’


model a45. Model Aeroplanes ‘Crazy’

Dundee’s next big thing in 2013 comes in the form of young four-piece Model Aeroplanes. Their teenage friendship is testament to the great hooky indie track that is Crazy – complete with a catchy chorus and keys-part, the song is a great display of what this band will offer in 2014.

 Via SoundCloud


download (8)44. Gabrielle Aplin Home’

Before falling into the limelight on the back of that John Lewis advert in 2012, songstress Aplin dropped by Tenement TV to record a breathtaking session. Taken from the Home EP, this is a beautiful portrayal of her buttery sweet vocals as they transport into a melodic muddle of piano and guitar making for a delicate display of love.

Listen:  Gabrielle Aplin – Home’


download (9)43. Lorde Royals’

Internet sensation Lorde, blew up online with her track Royals.
The sixteen-year-old was onto a hit with this track; catchy with an infectious hip hop hook, Royals is effortlessly left-field-pop as the sixteen-year-old purrs out husky vocals like a pro. 


Listen: Lorde – ‘Royals’


Thao42. Thao & The Get Down Stay Down ‘Holy Roller’

Devoting her life to music at an early age, American singer-songwriter Thao has created a magic mish-mash of indie folk and psychedelia with this track. It’s strong beat and chime melody chases through guitar riffs ensuring this is one track of the year that makes you take notice. Tenement TV session with Thao coming in the new year.

 Via SoundCloud


2013Childhood1AB29041341. Childhood ‘Solemn Skies’

Filling the large shoes of classic indie rock, this London four piece have crashed onto the scene this year with their guitar talent and melodic hooks. Solemn Skies is all about the guitars, crashing through during the choruses as the riffs and vocals complement each other to a T.

 Via SoundCloud


0002722544_50040. The Family Rain ‘Pushing It’

Supporting Jake Bugg on his recent tour, The Family Rain dropped by Tenement TV HQ to record a session. Their effortless charisma and merging of blues and rock has created this feisty little tune. With its jaggy guitars and scatty beat, its a classic tune that leaves us eagerly anticipating the LP in 2014.


Listen: The Family Rain – ‘Pushing It’


BE0Qiv0CEAAAz6B39. Laura Marling Master Hunter’

If there’s a song that shows the growth of the youthful and timid vocalist Laura Marling, Master Hunter from her 2013 release Once I Was An Eagle is it.

Displaying a more sultry vocal and experimenting with rhythm to devastating effect, Marling even curses in this one. We picture her singing this in black lace and killer heals, ghosts seems like a lifetime ago now.

 Via SoundCloud


the strypes snapshot38. The Strypes ‘You Can’t Judge a Book By The Cover’

A band that shot themselves into the record collections of mods as soon as the first single dropped is the young and Irish, The Strypes.

Releasing their mix of covers and self-penned tracks in their 2013 debut album Snapshot this year, the band have enjoyed the ultimate success supporting bands like Arctic Monkeys. And if there’s a snapshot of the band’s immense talent, its present in this 3 1/2 minute track. Fast, electric and full of ridiculous riffs- The Strypes are just as strong live which makes this and their debut more than worth a listen.

 Via SoundCloud


homepage_large.d497016e37. Cloud Control ‘Dojo Rising’

Award winning Cloud Control smash the art of dreamy rock.

This floaty track is a velvety psych, pop and rock triumph and takes you into a hazey daze- the album Dream Cave also doesn’t disappoint. The band popped into Tenement TV to record a session which you can check out in 2014.


 Via SoundCloud


Blood-Orange-Cupid-Deluxe36. Blood Orange ‘You’re Not Good Enough’

Remember Lightspeed Champion? With famous pals including Alexa Chung and a professional clientèle boasting Florence and the Machine and Solange Knowles, Dev Hynes has started from fresh with Blood Orange and fresh is exactly how to describe this cute little track.

Hitting the nail on the head with this pop piece featuring disco accents, Blood Orange are heavily inspired by the 80’s and 90’s and if this is anything to go by, the inspiration is only ever taken from the best bits.

 Via SoundCloud


biffy clyro35. Biffy Clyro ‘Opposite’

Sticking to what works for the iconic Scottish outfit, Biffy Clyro have created a steady, catchy and romantic portrayal with Opposite; classically Biffy with its melodic riffs and distinctive vocals. The band headlined Reading and Leeds festival in the summer and have recently been announced as headliners for Isle of Wight festival taking place in June 2014.


Listen: Biffy Clyro – ‘Opposite’


james-blake-retrograde34. James Blake ‘Retrograde’

Which brings us to Mercury Music Prize winner James Blake, who takes elements of inspiration from D’Angelo and Stevie Wonder to create snythy-piano tracks with electronic elements dominating at times. Boasting a beautiful vocal and clapping beat, this is a highlight of his 2013 release Overgrown. 


Listen: James Blake – ‘Retrograde’


1234533. A$AP Rocky (ft. Skrillex) ‘Wild For the Night’

A match made in ironic heaven comes in the form of this collaboration between A$AP Rocky and dance producers Skrillex. Hip hop beats, dirty vocals and synthy keys makes for a hook that just commands a head nod. Absolute class.


Listen: A$AP Rocky (Ft. Skrillex) – ‘Wild For the Night’


splashh-all-i-wanna-do-400x40032.  Splashh ‘All I Wanna Do’

Releasing their debut Comfort in Spring 2013, Splashh delivered a slice of dreamy pop that has become so very popular this year.

Filed alongside the likes of DIIV and Swim Deep, Splashh’s 90’s dreamy pop rock is easy and takes the best bits of The Stone Roses and Jesus and Mary Chain to create this heavenly beast.

 Via SoundCloud


toy-join-the-dots-500x50231. Toy ‘Fall Out Of Love’

The peak from Toy’s debut release Join the Dots comes at the end in final track Fall Out of Love; a ten minute piece of intense rhythm, grit and grime.

Juxtaposed against its central theme of love, the track shows Toy using synth waves and jilting guitars to create a roller coaster ending to a dark piece of art that is Join the Dots. 

Listen: TOY – ‘Fall Out Of Love’


download (3)30.  Arctic Monkeys ‘Arabella’

Arabella is a hypnotic ride through beats and dirty guitar licks. Staying with the hip hop and rap influence on the album, the track focuses strongly on a hip-hop beat in the opening verse then ventures to the dark side of the electric guitar which is so strong it blows you away.

A Black Sabbath beast is unleashed in the riff  that takes you on a powerful sound trip only to break back down for the second verses extraverted beat-led performance. The track then develops into a psychotic smash of heavy drumming, robust electric guitar melodies and those jaw-droppingly catchy lyrics from Turner giving Arabella the edge that ensures its the standout track on AM.

Listen: Arctic Monkeys – ‘Arabella’


kodaline love like this29. Kodaline ‘Love Like This’

After dropping into Tenement TV to record a session this year, Kodaline went on to dominate the radio and festivals with their catchy hit Love Like This. The Dublin quartet laid down their radio-ready guitar rock like the greats before them a-la U2 and Coldplay.

Summery bright fluttering guitars, harmonica solos and a catchy chorus sends this track into the 2013 hit list.

Listen: Kodaline – ‘Love Like This’


homepage_large.5ce2f27328.  Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ‘Let The Day Begin’

Releasing Specter At The Feast on their own label this year, touring pioneers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have went back to the basics with this track. Featuring the howling vocals fans have come to love and driving guitar that works its magic all the way through.

 Via SoundCloud


homepage_large.c578e87a27. Parquet Courts ‘Stoned And Starving’

Parquet Courts have ironed and straightened out the edges of punk with Stones And Starving; with a punk heart the repetitive guitar riff becomes mesmerising as the song progresses with guitar solos that majestically throb with the beat.

 Via SoundCloud


artworks-000052429465-tv4am1-crop26. The 1975 ‘Sex’

It’s been quite a year for The 1975, banging out radio renegades almost by accident, Sex is loud and energetic from the get-go. Like other releases Chocolate and The City; Sex has the hooks and riffs that get stuck in your head all day long. Youthful and poppy, this is a melodic hit that stands out from their debut album that dropped this year.

 Via SoundCloud


packshot25. Vampire Weekend ‘Ya Hey’

Afro-pop melodies and interesting electronics expand into a methodical triumph for Vampire Weekend with this track from their 2013 release Modern Vampires of the City. With its keys and rhythm parts standing out against interesting spoken lyrics, this is classic Vampire Weekend at its best.


Listen: Vampire Weekend – ‘Ya Hey’


pompeii24. Bastille ‘Pompeii’

Arguably one of the most distinctive radio hits of 2013, Bastille’s Pompeii is radio, dancefloor and festival wrapped into one melodic chant. The anthemic, 80’s-inspired chorus and backing vocals has shot this band onto Main Stages at festivals and sell-out headline tours.


Listen: Bastille – ‘Pompeii’


download (1)23. Charles Bradley Strictly Reserved For You’

Echoing the soul of Otis Redding whilst staying true to his funk passions, Charles Bradley started out as a James Brown tribute act after catching him live in the 1960′s.

The 65-year-old American soul singer Charles Bradley is now very much a star in his own right. This is a soul-fuelled charade of a track, sensationally portraying Bradley’s outstanding talent for soul.

 Via SoundCloud


tumblr_static_chvrches_recover22.  CHVRCHES ‘Recover’

Serving up a scrumptious slice of synth-pop with this track Recover, CHVRCHES shot to the big-time with their debut release. 1980′s melodies and hooks fabricate this track with singer Lauren Mayberry’s delicately girly vocals remaining charming throughout.

 Via SoundCloud


Nick-Cave-And-The-Bad-Seeds-Jubilee-Street-video-608x37321. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds ‘Jubilee Street’

Remaining pretty low-key with the atmospheric hook, Jubilee Street is a masterpiece of work from Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. Taken from the 2013 release, Push the Sky Away is a wonderful story of sorrow complemented by its dragging beat that leaves you hanging in suspense.

Listen: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds ‘- Jubilee Street’


the_next_day_600sq_0_0_220. David Bowie ‘Where Are We Now?’

Taken from the Mercury Music Prize nominated The Next Day Extra LP, Where Are We Now is haunting and delicate with major focus on a dramatic piano-led melody. Bowie’s vocals are particularly charming, and as a marching drum beat appears half way through, it makes for a true stand-out on the album.


Listen: David Bowie – Where Are We Now?


Nobody Seen Nothin cover for bigcartel19. Hector Bizerk ‘Party at A&E’

Creating a Scottish hip-hop record is more than tales of Buckfast and A&E- but thankfully, Hector Bizerk’s second album includes witty renditions of both. Bursting with energetic drums, and creative rhythms – Party At A&E is a fan favourite. With its topical and familiar subject matter, the track relives the debauchery of a night out in Glasgow and the dark side of a Saturday after dark.

 Via SoundCloud


homepage_large.47477e7818. Jagwar Ma ‘The Throw’

This Australian outfit have been compared to the baggy bands of the 90′s and there are certainly some Hacienda vibes shooting out of The Throw. Using drum machines in tracks to create a daredevil guitar dance sound, the band’s trippy guitar hooks and echoing lyrics scream 90’s whilst giving a nod to the technology-captivating 2013.

 Via SoundCloud


Weeks17. The Weeks ‘Brother In The Night’

Another band to record a session at Tenement TV HQ are Southern-rock Mississippi-based The Weeks. With howling whiskey-soaked vocals accompanied by pounding drums and busy beats, Brother in the Night is a bellowing ride of hooks, hypnotising choruses and peaks of melody that ensures people missing the Kings of Leon Youth & Young Manhood have something to sink their teeth into.

Listen: The Weeks – ‘Brother In The Night’


download (6)16. Savages ‘She Will’

Post-punk, arty girl quartet Savages have taken feminism by the reigns this year and produced a whirling record in the form of debut LP Silence Yourself. 

It all becomes a bit overwhelming half way through as the track erupts into an angry expression; evoking nothing less than perfect mechanical noise that displays just how preciously they have grasped the balance of post-punk and rock.

Listen: Savages – ‘She Will’


deap-vally-gonna-make-my-own-money-ark-recordings15. Deap Vally ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’

Hard rock blues with gallons of sexy attitude is drenched onto the electric riff opening of Gonna Make My Own Money, a prolific hit from California duo Deap Vally. Fast then slow, sultry then hysterical- the song is a journey of rock ‘n’ roll grime that relentlessly introduces us to two girls 2014 is going to be all about.

 Via SoundCloud


1377350_10151670671505547_1507374572_n14. The LaFontaines ‘All She Knows’

Touring, T in the Parking and recording relentlessly since joining forces as a band some five years ago, The LaFontaines have shown true growth in the form of All She Knows. With its pounding drum and melodic verse, this infusion of hip-hop and indie rock is the best yet. The band recorded a session with Tenement TV in 2012 and have recently one The Big Apple award which will see them play a show in New York city next year.

Listen: The LaFontaines ‘All She Knows’


primal-scream_201313. Primal Scream ‘2013’

With its extended introduction, howling guitars, warped saxophone and state-of-the-nation lyrics this title track from the 2013 LP demands attention. A strong live track, 2013 shows just why Primal Scream are still owning the scene some three decades on.


Listen: Primal Scream – ‘2013’


tumblr_mvj8vh8rTs1qcifjdo1_1383221934_cover12. QOTSA ‘Smooth Sailing’

Since releasing their 2013 album …Like Clockwork earlier this year, rock-gods QOTSA have worked with Arctic Monkeys and sold out arenas around the world.

This track Smooth Sailing encapsulates their famous rock ‘n’ roll riffs and howling vocals. Smooth, gritty and dirty all at the same time, this is QOTSA at their absolute best.

Listen: QOTSA – ‘Smooth Sailing’


skinheads11. The Amazing Snakeheads ‘Flatlining’

This track has the sort of beat and bass combination that talks to your soul. The testy, gruesome sound from the The Glaswegian rock n’ roll three-piece, takes hold as they offer up gritty, raw rock ‘n’ roll- gone bad leaving you on the edge of your chair. Signed to Domino alongside artists like Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand, they supported the latter at the band’s recent QMU show in Glasgow.

Listen: The Amazing Snakeheads – ‘Flatlining’


HVN267-Temples-KITD-Packshot-400x40010. Temples ‘Keep In The Dark’

Psychedelic riffs and trippy melodies fill the soundwaves of Keep In The Dark; showing off the classic craftsmanship of The Beatles with this rhythm-trip of a track. Temples are sure to dominate the scene in 2014 as we await the release of their debut LP.


Listen: Temples – ‘Keep In The Dark’


Evil-eye-450x2539. Franz Ferdinand ‘Evil Eye’

The third single to burst out from their forth studio album is Franz Ferdinand’s Evil Eye– like all Franz Ferdinand tunes its short and snappy with the distinctive sound that fans fell in love with way back at the start.



Listen: Franz Ferdinand – ‘Evil Eye’


peace-in-love8. Peace ‘Follow Baby’

Peace’s tracks are produced by Jim Abiss who has previously worked with chart-heavy-weights The Arctic Monkeys and Adele. Follow Baby has a strong 90’s feel to it, with its calm sounding verses that transcend into a very angelic chorus.

 Via SoundCloud


daft-punk-random-access-memories-artwork_jpg_640x618_q857 . Daft Punk ‘Get Lucky’

Heavy-weight producer Nile Rodgers of disco-legends Chic joined forces with vocalist Pharrell Williams to create the hit of the summer for Daft Punk’s return.

With its disco-inspired hook and funky guitar riff, Get Lucky put Daft Punk at the forefront of critical-acclaim all summer long. Simple and catchy, Rodgers has managed to apply this vintage melody and bring it right up to 2013.

Listen: Daft Punk – ‘Get Lucky’


2013Reflektor2_Instargram_0608136. Arcade Fire ‘Reflektor’

Abandoning rock ‘n’ roll to create a dance record are Arcade Fire with their 2013 hit Reflektor.  This clean and sharp release is all about the harmonies and drums, which when broken down with the hypnotic guitar riffs makes for a stunning piece of music from the Canadians.


Listen: Arcade Fire – ‘Reflektor’


The_Temperance_Movement_The_Temperance_Movement_cover5. The Temperance Movement ‘Only Friend’

The achingly good LP from this super-group is summed-up in one delightful rock and blues masterpiece in the form of Only Friend.  Packaged nicely with a sterling riff, sultry vocal and beat to rival the classics of The Black Crowes in the 90’s. The band recorded a stripped-back session for Tenement TV at Wickerman Festival which included this awesome track.

Listen: The Temperance Movement – ‘Only Friend’


HAIM-Days-Are-Gone-2013-1200x12004. Haim ‘The Wire’

Following a series of LA studio sessions with producers Ariel Rechtshaid and James Ford- Haim follow in the footsteps of Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys and Florence & The Machine working with the very best in the business.

Showcasing the band’s R&B influences and infectious hooks, the track is vulnerable and strong all at the same time. Another from the debut LP Days Are Gone, the girls have proven their diversity and reputable influences stretching from Fleetwood Mac to The Strokes.

Listen: Haim – ‘The Wire’


maxresdefault3. Baby Strange ‘Pure Evil’ 

Glasgow’s Baby Strange are dedicated at making hooky, driving guitar music with a dark, nihilistic streak.

Track Pure Evil is testament to that, bursting at the seems with dark riffs and a catchy bridge. For sure one of the most exciting live bands around right now. The band have recorded a BBC session and recently supported Palma Violets on tour.

 Via SoundCloud | Watch Video


download (4)2. Arctic Monkeys ‘Do I Wanna Know?’

Do I Wanna Know? was made famous from their largely talked about Glastonbury performance. Their latest album AM kicks off with the hypnotising track that hones the bellowing bravado of AM from the outset.

Its a powerful beauty of a 21st century booty call love song homes into your subconscious almost, as it directs you through four minutes of absolute class. With extremely infectious lyrics, Do I Wanna Know? has done exactly what AM set out to do- put the band at the top of their game.

Listen: Arctic Monkeys – ‘Do I Wanna Know?’


download (5)1. Foals ‘My Number’

80’s rock, meet Foals; Foals meet 80’s rock. This catchy little beauty is a far cry from the days of Antidotes, but a good cry all the same.

Smashing down the doors of funk with their tidily-played guitars, My Number is all groovy riffs, bass and drums and a true deserving contender for Tenement TV’s number one spot.

Listen: Foals – ‘My Number’