own Biffy Clyro have shed some light on what’s been inspiring them as they begin to put together their next record.

Wasting little time in following up on 2016’s acclaimed Elipsis and the vast touring schedule that followed in its wake, the modern day alt-rock titans have discussed the fact that whilst it won’t be explictly referenced, the political and social sphere which we live in will certainly be a factor in the record’s direction and subject matter:

Speaking to Metro, frontman Simon Neil stated:

“We won’t be addressing it directly but it will fucking infiltrate. I have more anger in my belly than I’ve had for a while. Everything is being compromised and we need to stand for things so the valuable will be valuable, not fleetingly valuable like fucking stock markets. It feels like the world is falling apart. The day that Donald Trump insults the widow of a soldier, the Dow Jones breaks a record. I don’t fucking get it. I think there is going to be an overhaul.” Politics cannot exist the way it is going. It is a dead system. It needs to change.”

In spite of the melancholic tone of his comments, Neil went on to praise today’s youth and points out a critical way in which our exposure to more information has allowed young people to be more engaged with the injustices of the world:

“They are the first generation of people growing up that have always had the internet. They are going to have a conscience like we have never had. They are more aware and enlightened.”

Watch the video for touching Elipsis standout ‘Rearrange’ below: