BIFFY CLYRO’S Ben Johnston has teased the possibility of gigs to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Puzzle.

Speaking at last night’s The Brit Awards, the band’s drummer spoke of the group’s enduring love for their older material and acknowledged the possibility of marking the occasion.

Sparked by their recent War Child show in which they supported themselves and played a slew of rarely performed material, Johnston claimed that “We always have plans. We’re not a band that shirk off our earlier stuff – we’re really proud of it and try to put it in the set as we can. We just thought this was a great opportunity to have two different sets to show the evolution of the band to a degree. I think in the future we’ll do nights where we play albums in their entirety.”

Arguably the group’s breakout record, the 2007 LP Puzzle helped lay the foundations for their position as one of the UK’s biggest rock bands. Commenting on the possibility of marking the album’s anniversary, he stated that ““It’s been 10 years, which makes me feel very old – thank you. I can’t believe it’s been that long. I guess their might be something in the pipeline, maybe at the end of the year, to mark that.”

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