DUNDEE singer-songwriter Billy Mitchell has today released his debut EP, ‘Time Takes Its Toll’, through Assai Records.

With a musical journey starting early in his life, after encountering a friend’s dad playing Wonderwall at a party, with Billy going on to support Liam Gallagher on his 2017 UK Tour as part of the Kyle Falconer band. This moment sparked Billy’s musical creativity, and began writing and performing around Dundee, surrounded by a community of fellow musicians.

Dundee seems to get a bad rep at times however the City I know and grew up in is a hotbed of talented artists and musicians, I think people are now catching on to this fact, it’s the place I proudly call home and always will be.”

‘Time Takes Its Toll’ features a run of Billy’s previous singles and two new tracks, ‘Is There Anyone Our There’ and ‘Hold On Me’. Speaking about ‘Hold On Me’, Billy said “The song is basically a love song of sorts, it’s my way of saying I don’t really care about the materialistic things in life and it’s all about being with that person you love and care about which is worth more than actual material possessions. The song actually started life on the ukulele as I was sitting at home and didn’t have my guitar to hand.’

‘Time Takes Its Toll’ is available on CD and Vinyl at Assai Records, in conjunction with Revolver Management HERE.