BORN TO BE WIDE have provided aspiring music industry professionals with the chance to work for them for three months.

Based in Edinburgh’s Leith district, BTBW is a renowned events company which is responsible for the succesful delivery of prominent fixture on Scotland’s musica; calendar including the ‘Off The Record’ series and the ‘Wide Days’ conference.

Having worked with a litany of other organisations including The Big Music Project, The Scottish Parliament, The Depot Recording Studio and Xponorth, Born To Be Wide is presently looking to hire a versatile events assistant that will be capable of working towards the fulfilment of the company’s various obligations.

A multi-faceted role which will involve everything from direct liasons with the company’s director to maintaining their social media presence and the completion of administrative tasks, the description stresses that ‘your enthusiasm and willingness to learn is more important to us than paper qualifications’ and that a ‘passion for emerging music’ is a prerequisite.

Find out more details on how to apply now via The Big Music Project’s website.