ALTERNATIVE pop collaborative duo Cat’s Eyes have announced their return from a long layoff with the news that they have written and recorded a film soundtrack.

Finding themselves at the helm of the musical direction for acclaimed director Peter Strickland’s newest project “The Duke of Burgundy”, the pair has delivered 20 compositions to accompany the on screen proceedings.

Commenting upon the process, Faris Badwan says that both he and bandmate Rachel Zeffira were very pleased to undertake this assignment, stating that: “Like many other musicians, Rachel and I have always had aspirations towards working on film soundtracks – so we were happy when Peter trusted us to write the score for his incredible film. Working on the film, the narrative was already there and we had to write music tailored towards it. Long before any filming, we read the script and began writing music based on individual characters and themes.”

Referring to the difference between scoring a piece of cinema as opposed to creating a record which is concerned with the concepts and ideals of the musicians’ exclusively, Badwan has said: “We were writing for the director and the film rather than ourselves and in some ways that was sort of liberating. We had specific scenes to follow and subtle movements to draw attention to… it was very different to making a normal album.”

The soundtrack’s eponymous opening credit song is available now via soundcloud and is a whimsical, baroque inspired piece that contains hallmarks of the band’s signature sound.

The O.S.T will be available in its entirety in both digital and vinyl formats on the 16th February 2015 via RAF and Caroline Records, with the film’s subsequent release taking place on the 20th.