AIMED at helping new Scots from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds to the forefront of culture, performing arts and sports, Fanzclub is a new initiative setting out to do just that, all across Scotland.

The initiative aims to connect new Scots with their local community, by giving access to the thousands of cultural events across Scotland, from Hampden to the Hebrides. Everyone in Scotland should have access to cultural activities, whether it is at the cinema, a live music event, a comedy club, sporting event, or any cultural gathering, these times are where new friendships are made and new passions discovered.

Fanzlub are encouraging Scottish events business, acts, writers, comedians, play-writers, sportspeople to back this march for cultural enrichment, by providing tickets for events.

Fans who wish to buy tickets to events for Fanzlub users, can send tickets to

Or, you can support Fanzclub by donating here and follow them on Instagram.