ONE of the most popular nightclubs in Glasgow, Firewater, has launched a crowdfunding to help save the much-loved Sauchiehall Street venue.

Much like many small businesses, the Glasgow nightclub, renowned for it’s raucous DJ sets and rock & roll club-nights,  has now turned to it’s passionate fans for help, whose contribution will ensure the recovery of the business from the depths of COVID-19 pandemic that has hit venues so hard. You can donate here.

Your donation will not be without reward through, with a range of ‘I Saved Firewater, 2021’ merchandise (in collaboration with Clubhouse Paradiso) attached to different levels of donation. This ranges from the £10 tote bag to the £25 hoody, or the coach jacket.

The nightclub have also launch a loyalty scheme, also through the Crowdfunder, with three different levels granting everything from complimentary entry to special events and much more. Check out the full range of ‘Firewater One’ memberships and merchandise here.

On the crowdfunding campaign, a spokesperson for Firewater said, “Over the past twelve months, like many other small and independent businesses across the nation, we have faced adversity we thought never imaginable. An understandable forced closure that froze the industry in shock, followed by a slew of newly introduced safety measures, pre-cautions, booking systems and so on. We fully complied, creating a sound & socially-distanced environment for all to enjoy. And for a fleeting moment, it seemed like we were almost there. Despite our combined efforts over the country, the pandemic crazed on. And with that came it’s tolls. Months and months of endless cutting, cornering & chopping (not including any staff) as we desperately did what we could, to ensure our survival. Now, as we grasp onto the hope of a potential turning point, we look to ensure our place on Sauchiehall street, as we plan, together, for the great return. In our historic twentieth year, we come to you and ask, will you help save Firewater? With the apparent road map in place, hope remains. Yet, with 10+ weeks projected before Club-status is restored, we turn to the Firewater devotee, to ensure our place in your heart, is there forever.”

Donate to the Crowdfunder here.