SCOTTISH musicians, producers and artists can now get a professional drum recording absolutely free, with the Online Drum Studio, aimed at enhancing the music of Scottish creatives.

“Born out of frustration”, the project is driven by the mission that “real music deserves real drums”, looking to breath fresh energy and dynamics into songs that would otherwise be using programmed drums to bring them to life.

The process could not be simpler. Send them your track that is in need of drums and their resident drummer Bob gets to work recording your drum track. You will then receive a link to download all the drum files, and you drag them into your DAW.

To be eligible for the free recording you must be a resident of Scotland, the music must be original (not a cover) and can be up to 5 minutes in length. Anyone who receives a drum track then owns that track, there are no royalties and no cost to receive the track. You will receive all 12 multitrack audio files to send off to a mixing engineer or to play around with on your own. You will also receive a behind the scenes of your session with all the drums, cymbals, mics and any special miking techniques used.

Find out more and listen to some examples here.

Online Drum Studio is able to be offered for free thanks to a partnership with Creative Scotland who have supplied National Lottery funding to allow the team to create these 50 unique drum tracks. The project is almost half way completed with 25 tracks already completed.

Join the #downwithmidi mission HERE and get real drums on your music.