hits the fan

FRIGHTENED Rabbit have announced the revival of their self made record label Hits the Fan Records via their Facebook page. The record label is a project which hasn’t seen daylight since the band signed to Fatcat records back in 2007.

The Scottish indie­folk group used the record label as a platform to release the bands coveted debut album Sing the Greys in 2006, and have announced that they will be using the label to release a new album by fellow scot and singer songwriter Kathryn Joseph.

Hailing from the North East she is considered an exciting and highly underrated artist and the release, which is titled Bones You Have Thrown Me and Blood I’ve Spilled, is sure to attract many of the FR fanbase with its distinctly emotional sound consisting of piano backbone accompanied by a voice so careful it would crumble upon contact.

Joseph is expected to play several intimate gigs in the coming month at the following venues with accompaniment from Marcus Mackay:

The Pipe Factory, Glasgow on January 24

Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh January 25

The Blue lamp, Aberdeen January 26

The bothy at hootanannys, Inverness January 27th

Check out tracks from Kathryn Joseph’s album below: