Music is something that everybody enjoys and with so many different genres out there, there’s always something for everyone. Music has always been powerful too, managing to influence our lives in a whole manner of different ways, as well as other industries too, making it one of the biggest influences since time began. Hard rock has been popular for many years now and it’s one of the genre’s that has had the biggest impact on audiences and industries alike.

One of the first areas where hard rock music had a massive impact was clothing. Musicians often dress to suit the genre of music they’re playing, and rock music is no different. What musicians wear is often copied by their adoring fans and this saw many music lovers dress in a similar way, wearing clothes of the same colour with authentic accessories. This has been big business for the fashion industries, with designers jumping on the latest trends spilling out of the music industry. Plus, we have seen some bands take this one step further by demanding fans follow a certain dress code when attending live gigs.

We’ve also seen hard rock infiltrate the gaming sector too. The Rock Band video game was a huge success, allowing players to play along to their favourite tracks with instrument peripherals. The game series received worldwide acclaim with over 10 titles being produced since 2007. There has also been a range of slot games, developed by gaming giants NetEnt, released into the online casino world. These saw games based on Jimi Hendrix, Guns N Roses and Motorhead.

Rock music has also influenced society in many ways too. First of all, people who listened to rock in their youth are said to have grown up with a real sense of identity as a result. Rock fans are also believed to be more community orientated too, as well as they type of people to live life to the max, without harbouring regrets. This mentality will have a big impact on society and the community in which rock fans live, all for the better; which can no doubt be beneficial to local industries and the economy.

A lot of the classic hard rock bands are still active, but due to the age of people in the respective bands, it means that they don’t tour as much or only visit popular countries. This has been a big plus for the tourism industry, with devoted fans willing to travel from all around the world to see their favourite bands live as often as possible. They often travel and make a few days of it, or sometimes longer, which is sure to be a boost for the local economy too.

As you can see, hard rock has had a huge impact in many areas and is potentially the genre to have had the most influence in other industries. It really excelled when it came to being a trend setter in fashion, with designers running riot with clothing and accessories to suit, while rock based games have also been a huge success over a sustained period of time, proving it to be a genre that will never die.