David Bowie

previously unreleased recording of David Bowie impersonating Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Iggy Pop, Bruce Springsteen and more has emerged.

Taken from the ‘Absolute Beginners’ sessions at London’s Westside Studios, it sees Bowie taking a brief break from his rigorous schedule to have some fun whilst recording.

Using his vocal prowess to impersonate the previously mentioned musical icons as well as Tom Waits and Anthony Newley; an artist often credited with being a huge inspiration for Bowie as a budding artist, it catches a playful and candid side of the late artist that’s sure to be a great comfort to those still devastated by his loss.

“I’m just fucking about now”, proclaims Bowie at one stage; perhaps blissfully unaware that the general public would ever be treated to this remarkable glimpse into his sense of humour.

Posted by Mark Saunders; the producer who worked on  ‘Absolute Beginners’ and kept the recording for many years, check out the hilarious clip below: