STINA TWEEDDALE, otherwise known as the primary songwriter behind Honeyblood, has announced details of her very first solo album and she’s asking fans to get involved.

The frontwoman was in the middle of recording the next Honeyblood album when the coronavirus pandemic hit and her plans quickly ground to a halt. However, looking to make good use of her time in isolation, she has now announced plans to release her first solo record under the name Stina Marie Claire.

With an aim of using the EP to raise funds for the next Honeyblood record, Tweeddale has set up a Honeyblood Secret Society over on Patreon where fans can select a membership level and gain behind-the-scenes access to her creative process, access special livestream gigs, merchandise opportunities and even get involved in the creative process themselves.

Find out more how you can support Honeyblood and Tweeddale’s new solo EP here. 

She said “I was halfway through recording the new Honeyblood album when the pandemic hit, and like many artists out there, all my plans went out the window. Not only can me/the band/ producer/engineer get nowhere near any studio, but all the gigs, festivals etc that I was planning to do to help fund the actual recording process have been cancelled…

So, I thought I’d put this isolation time to use and focus my energies and making a whole new body-of-work…

So, for the next few months, whilst the world is made to social distance, I will be making my first ever solo EP as Stina Marie Claire! Whilst I do so, I am going to document every single step of the way, giving behind-the-scenes insights into how everything from how I write lyrics, guitar and record, through to how I collaborate over elements like mixes and artwork. What’s more, I am going to give my special Tier 2 Patreons the opportunity to get involved in the creative process and help me make decisions for the release via direct live video chats where we shall hash out exactly what form this release shall take together!

All profits from this solo EP will go directly back into funding the rest of new Honeyblood album.

I want to make sure as soon as I can get back out there to finish this new HB album that I’m in a position to do so as swiftly for you guys as possible! The fact that we can do that by creating something rather special in the process is a wonderful opportunity! Can’t wait to start creating with you!”