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has revealed the first trailer for ‘Very First Breath’, an upcoming Noisey documentary which focuses on the Scottish producer.

Now a worldwide phenomenon that has worked with a deluge of amazing artists and provided us with groundbreaking music of his own, the trailer sees ‘Hudmo’ return to his hometown of Glasgow as he prepares to unleash his sophomore LP Lantern. 

Speaking about the city in which spent his adolescence and crafted material such as Butter  and his Satin Panthers EP, he states that “it’s not an easy place to grow up, but it’s not as bad as its reputation” before going on to say “I still think it’s a really beautiful city but definitely a little bit shitty.”

Featuring insight from his mum and footage of Hudmo performing in front of large and enthusiastic crowds, we can’t wait to see the finished product.

Watch the trailer below: