JACK White completes mission to spin record in Space making the history books by playing ‘A Glorious Dawn’ by composer John Boswell.

To celebrate Third Man Records’ – Jack White’s record label – seventh birthday, the label spun the three millionth record pressed.

The launch of the ICARUS CRAFT, a custom “space-proof” turntable attached to a high-altitude balloon, occurred on July 2nd just outside of Marsing, Idaho.

Posting on their website, Third Man Records described the mission: “The goal of our mission was to send a vinyl record up as high as possible and document it being played there.

“Near space (our ultimate destination) is a regular destination for NASA (it’s the closest we come to mimicking the atmosphere of Mars, so it is traveled to often for tests), but our mission was made complex by the fact that we weren’t simply flying a stationary object, but a turntable that we wanted to work — and work well! — so the endeavor became more of a professional high altitude flight than one might expect.

“Because of this, we had several, oft-changing government standards to meet while refining our design, selecting camera angles, and weather proofing our craft in case of inclement weather — all while keeping the weight down and the maintaining enough battery capacity to keep the record spinning in cold air of the Earth’s atmosphere. We needed low winds, a clear sky, and approval from the FAA and the FCC, all which coincided perfectly on July 2nd.”

Watch the video below: