has announced that he is set to open a vinyl pressing plant.

A staunch advocate of the format who is constantly attempting to push it in new and intriguing directions including the commissioning of the world’s fastest record and a special hologram edition of Lazaretto, the new plant will be situated in his hometown of Detroit.

Set to be located behind his Third Man label’s official store, it has not been confirmed when it will be open for business however it has been acknowledged that the addition of a new plant will be a boost to the industry on account of increasing demand.

While it is assumed that part of the motivation behind the endeavour is to allow Third Man’s artists to have their records pressed in a convenient fashion, its co-founder Ben Blackwell has revealed that:”Part of the concern in this world is that vinyl can very easily turn into an exclusionary thing… But this is going to make it easier for a little punk band to make 300 copies of a 7.″