SCOTTISH DJ Jackmaster has taken to Twitter to call out misogyny in the music industry.

The DJ, who is known all over the world, was in Bali where he played for Night Moves at the Potato Head Beach Club on Friday night. Apologising for his previous silence on the subject, he shared a series of carefully worded tweets which criticised the patriarchal structure of dance music and its impact on female artists.

Prompted by particularly shocking comments that he’d heard, he said: “Tonight was the 1st time that the plight and/or prejudice surrounding females in the music industry truly hit home and resonated with me. It is way too easy to be ignorant to the fact as a male DJ in a privileged position. There is something very wrong here”.

Although he didn’t elaborate on what he had heard, his comments sparked a conversation among other DJs on the subject. Scuba said “sexism in our scene is endemic”, while Kloves chimed in saying “I’ve experienced sexism on numerous occasions. Still githing and working my way through, Thank you for your support.” Jackmaster also lent his support to Black Madonna, who has been known to discuss prejudice towards women in the past.

Check out the rest of his thoughts below,