kinksRECENT remarks made by Ray Davies have caused a great deal of speculation surrounding a potential Kinks reunion.

Having shared together last year after not having done so since 1996, brothers Ray and Dave Davies have been known to have a very volatile relationship but rumours of a proposed reconciliation have escalated in recent times.

One of the bands at the forefront of the British invasion and responsible for the prominence of rugged riffs such as those found in ‘You Really Got Me’ and ‘All Day And All Of The Night’ among others, Ray has recently claimed that ‘David and I will definitely work together again and we want to play live.’

Despite The Sun’s claims that Ray revealed that ‘maybe The Kinks could play Glastonbury’, a new statement from the band’s official website has attempted to downplay the remarks and suggest that both brothers will release new material this year but separately.

Citing a misinterpretation, they claim that:

“Ray Davies was misquoted at the recent Q awards. Both Ray and Dave have solo albums coming out next year and have no plans to re-unite in the immediate future.”

Whether or not they’re aiming to throw us off the scent ahead of a formal announcement is yet to be known as both Michael and Emily Eavis have declined to comment on the Glastonbury remarks.

Listen to the band’s classic ‘Lola’ below: