Kurt Cobaincompilation of home recordings that is being billed as a Kurt Cobain ‘solo album’ is set to be released this November.

Comprised of never before heard recordings that were unearthed by Brett Morgan, director of recent Cobain biopic Montage Of Heck; the album is to be released a companion piece to the lauded film that features unprecedented access into the troubled artist’s home life.

With Morgan proclaiming that it features everything from “thrash to ragtime and everything in between” as well as claiming that one track displays Cobain singing in a Brian Wilson-esque falsetto, it’s sure to be a much discussed record once released.

Set to emerge on the 6th November; the same day that Montage Of Heck is released on DVD, further details regarding its tracklisting and release date have yet to be confirmed.

Listen to Kurt Cobain’s recently unearthed version of ‘And I Love Her’ below: