BACKED by the Night Time Industries Association, the #LetUsDance campaign is using today to call upon the UK Government to issue financial support for dance music clubs and events.

The plan to highlight the wide-reaching support and cultural importance of dance music, clubs, artists, promoters and fans is aiming to secure financial support to support the industry through the Coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this month, the UK Government announced £1.57 billion in grants to support the arts sector, however the funding does not appear to include nightclubs or dance music events and festivals. With support from Massive Attack, Thom Yorke and Fatboy Slim, the campaign is urging the government to recognise the dance music industry in the UK in the same way it does with live music and performing arts.

The NTIA’s two-step plan is asking music fans to use the power of social media to share a recent photo from a dance music event using the #LetUsDance, as well contacting your mp here. Fans can add the #LetUsDance overlay to their photos on the NTIA website here.

Speaking of the campaign, Greg Marshall of the Association For Electronic Music (AFEM) said: “Nightclubs and festivals are the beating heart of the UK dance scene; providing collective joy to millions of fans each year, providing employment and incomes for an interdependent network of hundreds of thousands of people, while contributing hundreds of millions to the economy. We call on the government to recognise this sector as a significant part of the nation’s art and culture, and ensure fair & equal access to the support offered to the wider live music sector.”