51ONE of the most exciting London based punk bands to emerge in years, a high quality live recording of a new Savages track has surfaced online.

Performed at New York’s Mercury Lounge in January, ‘Adore’ features the band in a subdued mood compared to the relentless onslaught of 2013’s amazing Silence Yourself. However, this isn’t to their detriment; it merely displays the fact that they are capable of creating altogether more poignant tracks, with its lyrics examining the concept of loss and the effect it has upon those who continue to live.

Introducing the track, frontwoman Jehnny Beth states that ‘This song is about life and death. When you put life in the balance with death, when someone is dying, when you feel your death and you realize life has so much importance. It may sound negative, but it’s actually a positive song.”

With no word as to when studio recordings of new material will surface, fans will have to be contented with this brief insight into where the group are headed.