MILES KANE has finally lifted the lid on his long-awaited new solo album.

Hot on the heels of the announcement of his long term confidant and Last Shadow Puppets bandmate Alex Turner divulging the details of Arctic Monkeys’ new record, the Liverpudlian indie rock stalwart has confirmed that his new record is known as Coup De Grace. 

As anyone that frequents his social media will know, Kane has a longstanding love affair with professional wrestling and its title is inspired by Irish-born WWE superstar Finn Balor’s  top-rope finishing manouver. With speculation about potential guest stars running rampant in recent years, the former Rascals and The Little Flames frontman has declared that his new record will feature collaborations with Jamie T and Lana Del Rey.

Detailed in an interview with the Evening Standard, Kane has said that his work with the Wimbledon troubadour is ‘upbeat’ and ‘punky’ whilst his work with the LA-based songstress Del Rey is simply ‘fucking great.’

His first non-TLSP album in five years after 2013’s Don’t Forget Who You Are, no formal release date has materialised as of yet but TTV will be sure to keep you updated on any new developments in the coming weeks.

Watch the video for his eponymous debut album standout ‘Rearrange’ below: