THE Music Venue Trust has today launched a crowdfunding campaign to provide urgent relief to the 556 British venues facing the threat of imminent closure in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Back in January, in the run up to Independent Venue Week, Tenement TV ran a story about the already perilous position of our independent venues and the importance of supporting them in whatever way we can. Exacerbated by the lockdown, these venues still find themselves in worsening circumstances, and so our support is more vital than ever. With the hospitality industry shut down and all live music events cancelled in the coming months, The Music Venue Trust have set a target of £100,000. 

The campaign came with the endorsement of Frank Turner, who had this to say about independent venues: 

‘It is no exaggeration to say that without them the live music scene in this country will die. These grassroots venues are where we musicians start and where we all, as music lovers, get to see great musicians playing in our local areas.’

You can watch the full video statement and donate to the Save Our Venues campaign here

Information on how independent venues can access government relief can also be found on the Music Venue Trust website.

Photo by Cameron Brisbane