LEGENDARY dance outfit New Order have released a full statement in response to founding member Peter Hook’s plans to sue the band for millions.

Part of an ongoing dispute in relation to royalites, Hook; who finally left the group in 2007 after nearly 30 years together, believes that he is entitled to 12.5% of the profit from the band’s company New Order L.T.D as opposed to the 1.25% that he currently receives.

With Judge David Cooke warning that both parties should attempt to rectify the matter through “commercial negotiations” in order to avoid incurring “the expense of pursuing the matter to trial”, the Bernard Sumner led band have released their own statement on the ongoing dispute, stating:

“Obviously the band are disappointed that Peter is pursuing this claim in this particular way. The reports so far take a number of things out of context. Peter still, for instance, receives his full share of all back catalogue royalties. This dispute relates only to the share of income he takes from our work without him since 2011.

Not much more we can say as nothing has been decided by the Court on the facts other than he has a right to proceed with the claim, so this matter is still in play.

We’re getting on with life and concentrating on touring and promoting our new album.”

New Order’s new album Music Complete is available now.