Credit: Nina Nesbitt Instagram

IT was a gig that she’d been talking about for months and as she took to her Instagram to share her excitement during rehearsals in Edinburgh’s grand Usher Hall, it was clear Nina Nesbitt’s debut album had made quite an impression on fans.

Opening with title track from that very debut, Nesbitt treated the crowd to ‘Peroxide’ before switching her talents from guitar to electric piano for ‘Bright Blue Eyes’, Nina looked out to the home crowd and smiled: “This is certainly an improvement on playing to five people at the Electric Circus two-and-a-half years ago.”

Throughout the night, the 19 year old looked comfortable performing her many songs chronicling her teenage years whilst growing up in the capital including ‘We’ll Be Back For More,’ about a city nightclub and popular song about working in Edinburgh’s St James Centre, ‘Two Worlds Away.’

The chart hit, ‘Stay Out’ was one of the highlights of the night as the packed venue chanted every word back at her.

The Edinburgh singer ended the 80 minute set with a cover of The Proclaimer’s ‘500 miles’ which made for a rousing finale and is becoming a signature for Nesbitt during live shows. Her recent stint at SXSW leaving a warm glow around the blonde; its sure to be a strong summer at festivals for Nesbitt.

Words: Rebecca Jolly