Neon_Waltz_-_new_bands_0LAUNCHED earlier this month, The Official Vinyl Album Chart has released the current top ten featuring records from fresh bands like Neon Waltz and old classics from The Stone Roses.

The chart shows newly signed Caithness band Neon Waltz are sitting at the number 9 spot with the number 1 place going to Alabama Shake’s new record. Look out for our session filed with Neon Waltz at TTV HQ later this week.

Classic releases from The Stone Roses, The Sex Pistols and Pinky Floyd also feature as well as Biffy Clyde’s Puzzle and Sufjan Steven’s Carrie & Lowell. 

Elder statesman of rock ‘n’ roll Alice Cooper has this week offered an explanation for the renewed interest in vinyl among today’s music fans. Speaking on a local American radio show, Cooper has proclaimed that he is now signing a great deal more vinyl than CD’s.

Famed for being one of the earliest proprietors of ‘shock value’ in rock music, the legendary singer-songwriter backed up his claims by stating that: “Last year, vinyl went up 85%. And the kids, I think they’re tired of buying air.

“They don’t get anything with it. I think this generation is rebelling against the technology thing.”

Neon Waltz will play Live at Glasgow on Sunday 3rd May 2015, for more information visit the event website.