POWER UP is a ground-breaking new initiative set up by PRS Foundation with support from Creative Scotland, designed to address barriers and increase the diversity of Scotland’s music industry.

The long-term initiative aims to create a fairer, more equitable music industry for Black creators and industry professionals, support innovative and exciting Black talent and to amplify the work of Black creators and industry professionals.

Creative Scotland are now urging Scotland’s Black music creators and industry professionals to apply for the the programme, with only a week to go until applications shut.

Applications will remain open until 6pm, Wednesday 10th March.

The initiative will provide 40 participants working in any genre or sector with crucial support at every career level, including:

-Grant support of up to £15,000

-Capacity building and mentoring

-Support from partners

-Marketing support

Jamie Houston, Creative Scotland’s Music Officer said: “The music sector needs to accelerate change by creating greater representation and opportunities for Black musicians and industry professionals. This action is at the core of PRS Foundation’s ‘Power Up’ programme, and Creative Scotland is proud to support a progressive approach to increasing the diversity and richness of Scotland’s music scene.”

Power Up Ambassador Tiffany Calver said, “Solidarity is no longer enough, we need action to make any real change in our industry and the wider society.  Power Up is a great example of what action can look like.  I’m proud to be an Ambassador for Power Up and excited for the future of the industry and hope this inspires more people to get involved but also empower others to push forward their own actions for positive change.”

Keith Harris OBE, Managing Director Keith Harris Music Ltd and Power Up Executive Steering Committee member said, “Last year in the wake of the George Floyd episode so much was promised in terms of shifting the dial to improve the situation for minorities in the music industry, so little has so far been delivered. Power Up is an important step towards that delivery.”

Find out more information and about how to apply for the programme over on the PRS Foundation website HERE.