pandabearPANDA BEAR has left fans pleasantly surprised following the unheralded release of a new EP.

Featuring both new and updated versions of tracks from records such as 2012’s Tomboy and this year’s tremendous Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper (which received a rave review from TTV upon its arrival), the new Crosswords EP sees Noah Lennox push his neo psychedelic production in an inventive new direction.

Featuring three new tracks in the shape of ‘Jabberwocky’, ‘Cosplay’ and ‘No Mans Land’, the latter is most certainly one of the most forward-thinking pieces; full of squirming synthesisers and bizarre textures that fit together as a part of a transfixing tapestry.

While the EP will be available in a physical sense from the 11th November via Domino, it’s currently eligible for streaming on services such as Apple Music and Spotify here.

Listen to ‘No Mans Land’ below: