PRS Foundation and Creative Scotland have formally announced details of an incredibly exciting new partnership which will aim to aid the careers of Scotland’s burgeoning musical talent.

Among  the biggest revelations to emerge over the course of Wide Days 2018, this newly brokered deal will see the UK’s most renowned charitable funder for the music industry team up with our nation’s governing arts body to make the patented ‘Momentum Fund’ available to Scottish artists for the very first time.

A lucrative initiative that has only been at the disposal of neighboring English musicians in the past, it is intended to help artists achieve their potential by providing the financial means for recording, touring or marketing purposes.

Intended for musicians that have found themselves at the ‘tipping point’ in their careers where success could be attained in the very near future, artists can apply for grants from between £5000-15000 with previous beneficiaries of the fund including Public Service Broadcast, Lapsley, Oh Wonder, Anna Meredith, Years & Years and more.

Creative Scotland’s Head OF Music Alan Morrison has said of the move:

There’s so much more to succeeding in the music industry these days than just writing great songs. Musicians today really need to know how to handle a crowdfunding campaign, get access to influential streaming playlists and generally improve their business skills. That’s where the Momentum Music Fund steps in, working with acts who have already got themselves onto the ladder and helping them climb a few rungs higher. We’re overflowing with musical talent in Scotland and we want the world to know about it – that’s why Creative Scotland is delighted to be partnering with the PRS Foundation in this brilliantly innovative programme.

The first deadline for applications from Scottish musicians will be the 29th May at 6:00pm.