into its third year, RESONATE will once again return for 2019, bringing together music industry professionals, musicians, students and fans in the heart of Glasgow’s East End, at Barras Art & Design Centre, on Thursday 14th November.

RESONATE prides itself on working to promote collaboration, creativity, accessibility and development, in doing so they provide a hub of activity to promote industry training, business development and innovation, sitting firmly in Glasgow’s music industry. In doing so, RESONATE have built upon previous years to add their latest space, Creative East End – the setting for a number of workshops and a space for delegates to conduct meetings with the contacts they make at this year’s event. Also new for 2019 are addition live events ahead of RESONATE, alongside their new deposit scheme, allowing you to secure you delegate pass for an initial £25 payment. In addition to this, RESONATE will also now provide a discount to students, allowing those still studying to get their foot in the door of the music industry.

Michael Nicholson from the Dumfries Music Conference said, “RESONATE is now firmly established as a key national music industry conference and networking event. The organisers seem to constantly look for ways of building on the previous year’s successes, and 2018 was no different. It’s common for events to fall into the trap of being formulaic by year three, but RESONATE has resisted this with a fresh approach each year. The setting is perfect: Glasgow’s east end, in one of its coolest new venues, aptly in the shadow of what many people believe to be Scotland’s most iconic venues, The Barrowlands. It delivers insight, knowledge, advice, guidance, and hands on technical stuff, making it a must attend event for people all levels of the music industry – from starting out to top dogs. The music industry is built on relationships and RESONATE facilitates this with plenty of networking opportunities. We made some very useful connections for Dumfries Music Conference.”

While RESONATE strives to continuously provide new and more diverse panel conversations and debates, they have this year pledged to PRS Foundation’s Keychange Programme, aiming to achieve a 50/50 gender balance across festivals and conference programmes by 2020.

Robert Kilpatrick,  General Manager of the Scottish Music Industry Association, said, “Events like this are so important, no matter where they are, but with Glasgow being such a strong music city with a lot of people doing a lot of amazing creative things, it needs a focal point and event like RESONATE. Everyone can come together to network, learn from each other, talk about challenges & opportunities and find new ways to collaborate and grow the industry for the benefit of all.’

Find more information on RESONATE 2019 here.