RIDE Ovada Oxford Mark Gardener Andy Bell Loz Colbert Steve Queralt by Andrew Ogilvy Photography OX4

British shoegaze outfit Ride have announced that they are working on their first full length album in 20 years.

Comprised of Andy Bell, Laurence Colbert, Steve Queralt and Mark Gardener, the band reunited in 2014 to much fanfare and last released new music in the form of 1996’s Tarantula.

A band that were once among the lauded Creation Records roster, their debut album Nowhere remains a fully fledged classic to this day and achieved considerable success during the 90’s shoegaze boom.

With the news revealed via a candid in studio shot from English DJ Erol Alkan, he was quick to inform the world that he will be working on the album in the role of producer.

Mark Gardener had previously alluded towards the possibility of new material and stated that “Last year, when we were talking, we all chose the Going Blank Again time as when we were all really enjoying it, all really together, and that was the feeling we wanted to feed from and get back to that way of working. Especially if, in the future, there’s going to be more recording, then that’s the way we want to do it, to recreate that and work like that again.”

Watch an incredible acoustic version of the band’s iconic ‘Vapour Trail’ below: