SLAVES have taken to Facebook to raise awareness of sexual assault against women following reports of incidents at their recent Cardiff gig.

The band have asked people follow Girls Against on Twitter who are actively raising awareness of sexual assault of women at live music gigs. The Twitter account cites it’s purpose as: “Just some intersectional feminists standing up to groping at gigs.”

Reports of young girls being grouped at the Cardiff show circulated online and Slaves have said: “If you are reading this and you were one of the men doing this. You aren’t welcome at our shows.”

In a message posted on Facebook Slaves band said: “Cardiff was an amazing show but it has been tainted for us now after hearing reports of lads groping young girls in the crowd.

“Putting your hands all over any women without her permission is not on at any sort of concert. Going as far as putting your hand up her skirt forcing her to leave the venue and go home, ruining her night, is disgusting.

“Please go and follow girls against on Twitter to fight this kind of behaviour.

“Furthermore if this happens to anyone at any of our shows please alert a security member and report the person doing it. Or just crowd surf to us and get our attention. It shouldn’t go un mentioned.”

Slaves are currently on a massive UK headline tour. For full dates visit their website. Watch our recent interview with the band below: