pioneers Slowdive celebrate the 25th anniversary of their debut EP with a live version of classic track ‘Avalyn.’

Released on Alan McGee’s influential Creation Records, the eponymous release featured only three tracks. The band have now provided a great deal of insight into the process of recording the EP via a detailed Facebook post.

It’s a time that the band clearly look back on with fondness, stating: “We had recorded the songs early in 1990 at The White House studio near Weston-super-Mare, a seaside town in the south west of England.

We picked that studio in part as another Reading band “The Colour Mary” had used it for their previous demo, and they had become a local band with a big sound and seemingly a big future as a result. We would go on to poach their drummer Neil Carter, who played on the subsequent “Morningrise” EP. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

Going on to reveal details of a previously unreleased track ‘Take Me Down’, the band are keen to stress the role which hearing Avalyn since, proclaiming that “we couldn’t really believe that we’d come up with something that sounded like that when a few months earlier we were being talked about as “Reading’s answer to The Primitives.”

With the live version taken from their lengthy US reunion tour last year, the band also indicated that a full album of performances would be forthcoming but there’ll be “news of that soon.” Check out the beautiful rendition of ‘Avalyn’ below: